Can physiotherapy also help in weight loss?

One of the biggest myths about physiotherapy is that it can only help a person recover from an injury or solve troubles like stiff neck, leg pain. However, physiotherapy is much more than that. Physiotherapy can actually heal you holistically, promote well being and do away with problems which might be coming in your way.

While weight management is nothing less than a struggle, regular physiotherapy can go a long way in regulating the extra weight and also stop secondary problems from developing. Needless to say, it can also prove to be an effective solution for those who struggle from apparent weight gain after suffering from an injury. We tell you how

Physical therapy promotes mobility The number one focus of physical therapy is to increase and improve mobility along with restoring functions in the stiff, painful muscles and tendon. When you regain function or know how to exercise the same muscles better, there is bound to be a drastic change in your mobility levels-which ultimately goes a long way towards helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Physical therapists or PTs also work for those on a strict weight-loss mission by devising individual activity plans, advising diet plans, strategising movements or exercises which help the patient meet the goal and follow a strict regime, all in a manner which is achievable.

Physiotherapy is also a workable option for both children and adults combating obesity by helping restore flexibility, increasing strength, building better cardiovascular health, preventing injuries and reducing pain which can occur with excessive weight gain. It can also restore flexibility and help you maintain balance and body function. By headlining a strict diet and fitness plan, along with regular physical movement, physiotherapy can prove to be helpful in slimming down, fighting off excessive weight and be on track with your fitness goals.

Another way physiotherapy helps you stay fit is by preventing the problems which come with excess weight gain. Weight irregularities also bring about added pressure on the bones and joints and limit their functioning. This can further impact your health and create more problems. Some of the symptoms which physiotherapy can manage include:

-Limited flexibility
-Imbalanced endurance levels
-Heaviness or running out of breath
-Lost strength
-Body pain arising out of added weight pressure

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