Car slams into Mansfield hair salon

A car plowed into a Mansfield hair salon on Monday, causing significant damage. The salon owner is counting her blessings despite the damage because the business was closed for the day when the crash happened.
The crash happened around noon at Amore Hair Design on Fowler Street.
Mansfield Fire Department said an elderly woman was behind the wheel. She was involved in a crash with another car nearby and careened into the salon.
Amore is closed for business on Sundays and Mondays.
No one was injured in the crash.
Alysha Cornetta owns the salon. She was stunned to see the damage.
“I was sick. I wanted to throw up. But you know what, we weren’t there,” she said. “We could have had clients in the salon chairs, we could have had clients in the shampoo chairs checking out. She came in right where our main focus of our business is. So it could have been real bad.”

Mansfield building inspector Lee Day said he was “amazed” that no one was killed in the crash.

“It was quite an impact,” he said.

The salon is working to find an alternate location to operate until repairs are made.

“Thank you to everyone that has reached out to us, we appreciate all of you!” the business posted on Facebook. “We are working to try to figure out a temporary spot to work out of until we can get the salon back up and running. As of right now, all appointments this week will have to be postponed, we are so sorry for the inconvenience. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more. We just thank god that the salon was closed today and no one was hurt, or worse.”

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