30 Instagram-Worthy Hairstyles To Try In November

Remember way back in January, when your optimism was at an all-time high? You were actually excited about going to the gym. You were downloading meditation apps and making a list of all the books you wanted to read. And when you were scrolling through Instagram and saw a hairstyle you loved, the reaction was, "I can totally do this."

That's a very distant memory as we approach the end of the year. We blame alarm clocks and weather changes, but it's not too late to try something new as we enter the colder months. Yes, it's easy to fall back into last year's hairstyle rut, but we're here to keep you encouraged. Because while you thought that you used up all your creativity in the first few months of the year, we're here to prove that you're just getting started.

We've been putting the Instagram "save" feature to use to compile a month's worth of hair inspiration. From haircuts to braided looks, there's something for everyone to try. Ahead, 30 gorgeous looks to keep the good hair days coming through November.

This juxtaposition of pins, braids, and loose strands delivers a soft, approachable result.
Artfully place pearls along your side part to create an eye-catching style that's perfect for any occasion.
Neon string adds a pop of color when used as an accent on braided styles of any kind.
Chunky, face-framing streaks — called the "rogue" highlight in London — have become a trendy here in the U.S., too.
Not ready for the bleach bowl? Rock your face-framing strands just the same.
You might need some extra hands to create this braided style, but it will be well worth it.
Bring your braids together into two pigtails that will make for an adorable style like this.
We don't know what we love more: the hair clips or voluminous side ponytail.
Looking to do a major chop? Let Kristen Bell's newest blunt bob serve as the inspiration for your next hair appointment.
The bubble pony looks especially chic when secured with ribbons.
Working a fun scarf into your look makes all the difference.
Short on time? Simply add a padded headband.

A wet hair look doesn't actually have to be that wet. Be sure to comb your styling product evenly throughout your hair to achieve a wearable finish.
Speaking of the wet look, give it some extra glamour with a stylish pin.
Can you ever go wrong with gold adornments? We think not.
There's a certain attitude a good braid can deliver.
Add soft waves to your ponytail to upgrade your sleek look.
Leave a few face-framing pieces out of your pony for a casual, yet flattering, look.
Adding auburn, ombré tips instantly adds dimension to any 'do.
Two pins are better than one. 
Create a retro style in minutes by flipping your ends with a basic curling iron.
The perfect inspiration for anyone thinking about adding beads to their braids.

Bangs might seem like a scary idea — until you see these.
There's something fresh and exciting about trying a bold color in fall. Take notes from Ashlee Simpson's new pink 'do.

A platinum pixie is the ultimate statement.

Use chic pins to keep your hair off your face while showing off your makeup.
Keep up with fall trends by adding some warm, honey highlights to your curls, which will create dreamy, soft dimension.
Commitment-free hair color might sound like an oxymoron, but adding a colorful tip is an easy way to experiment before a haircut.
Proof that beachy waves work just as well in the fall.
Instantly transform a ponytail with an on-trend, extra-large scrunchie.

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