6 most common types of boyfriends

01/ ​Types of boyfriends most women encounter in life
6 most common types of boyfriends

No two personalities are alike. It doesn't come as a surprise when a woman falls in love with a man and later ends the relationship because of her boyfriend's personality. While some qualities can make a person a great partner, others may be pretty annoying. However, it can be quite fascinating to get a glimpse of different types of partners in a relationship and understand their nature so as to lead a better and informed life with the person. Here, we have listed out 6 different types of a boyfriend a woman might chance upon in her life. Take a look at all of them and see which category your boyfriend falls into.

02/ The jealous boyfriend
03/ The insecure boyfriend
04/ The extremely sentimental boyfriend
05/ ​The practical boyfriend
06/ The chilled-out boyfriend
07/ ​The casanova

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