Celebs are going crazy after the ‘bun lift’

The bun lift has become the the latest fad on social media. Bollywood divas like Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone have sported this bun in the past and now Hollywood celebs like Hailey Baldwin, Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens have made the bun style a rage as it gives them an instant face lift.

It’s a cool way to beat the summer heat and give yourself an instant face lift. Dubbed as the ‘bun lift’, it’s the latest craze to hit Instagram. All you need to do is pull the hair tightly into a bun — the higher the bun the better. It smoothens out any fine lines or wrinkles, saving you a fortune on botox treatments.

Actor and singer Jennifer Lopez, 50, continues to wow fans with her youthful looks. And she is clearly a fan of the bun lift and has been spotted sported it on various occasions. This hairdo is also ideal when it’s warm outside, as it takes care of your tresses, and you can wear it in different styles — from a messy bun like Zendaya to a classic tight bun like Vanessa Hudgens. You can also give it a spin like singer Rita Ora or dress it up like Hailey Baldwin. This look is ideal for both, a day or a night out. Sisters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are also fans of this style.

How to get the look

Tightly comb the hair back and secure it with a scrunchie. You can also use hair gel to help style it in place. While this gives you a neat appearance (as all your hair is secure in a bun), it also ensures that the wind does not play havoc with it.
However, the downside is that if worn too tightly, it can cause breakage at the root of your hair.

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