Help! My father is cheating on my mother

Question: I am a 27-year-old man and it's been two years since I came to know about my father's extramarital affair. I came to know about it accidentally when he was talking on the phone. I cannot talk about my concern because I never had any issues with him since childhood. I mostly used to talk to my mother for everything and conversations with my father is rare and only when needed.
I cannot tell this to my mother because she is very emotional and I know how she would react. She would take emotional decisions. Due to various reasons, I resigned from my job three years ago and am preparing for an alternate career. I am moving on well with my preparations but once in a while, I get to see my father talking to his girlfriend and get disturbed and distracted for some days.So can you please suggest me how to proceed.-By Anonymous ?

Response by Kamna Chhibber: Navigating such a situation can be rather difficult for any child. Regardless of how old you may be the distress you would experience knowing this reality is understandable as is the dilemma that you face. It appears that you have chosen to not share this with your mother for the reasons shared by you which involve how it may impact her and her decisions may be very emotionally driven. Given this choice you have made, it puts you in the driving seat so to say as the burden of doing something or not doing something via a vis your father now falls on you...

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