Is your skincare planet-friendly?

In a world where words like climate change and sustainable living are moving beyond clever captions, it’s time to look closely at your day-to-day beauty routine. Just like in fashion, there’s a movement underway towards green beauty practices that add a glow of goodness to your face and a sheen to your soul. Dermatologist and aesthetic physician Dr Pallavi Sule says that one of the simplest ways to cut plastic from your skincare is to be mindful of the packaging. “Try buying products packed in recycled plastic and paper. Reuse and refill products. Avoid tiny bottles stacked up in the bathroom just because they look cute. Recycle.”

Other than packaging, dermatologist Dr Simal Soin suggests switching over to a washable facial cloth made out of muslin for your face cleaning and not use single-use wet wipes or cotton pads. Her other suggesions: go for make-up brushes crafted from sustainable products like bamboo; use a dry shampoo as it helps in saving water and apply home remedies...

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