Micro review: 'The Institute'

Micro review: 'The Institute'
'The Institute' by Stephen King is disturbing yet thought-provoking and all King fans will love it.
The Institute starts with the story of Tim Jaimeson, an officer who left his job. Just as the reader will be drawn into his fascinating story the perspective shifts to that of Luke Ellis, a 12 year old gifted boy who has a bright future ahead.. until one night he's kidnapped and he wakes in a room identical to his own, but with no windows.
He finds he is with other children with similar stories at 'the Institute'. They are all subjected to injections, experiments and tests. Many, like Luke, have some extraordinary power but some display none. They are promised they'll be returned to their parents after some more experimentation at the back of the Institute but since no one returns, Luke is suspicious. Unfortunately, he's told no one has ever escaped either.

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Micro review: 'The Institute' Micro review: 'The Institute' Reviewed by streakoggi on November 26, 2019 Rating: 5
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