The best smart home hubs for 2019

Smart home hubs serve as bridges that allow us to connect our devices to each other. Everything from TVs to refrigerators and thermostats can be monitored and controlled with the best smart home hubs at the click of a button or a simple voice command.

If you’re currently shopping for a hub but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered. After reviewing years’ worth of the latest smart devices and how smart home hubs have changed to accommodate them, we’re ready to make some suggestions about what models are right to buy, starting with the feature-packed Nest Hub Max!

1/ Google Nest Hub Max

The Nest Hub Max is a smart display packed full of features, thanks to Google’s experience with previous smart hubs like the Google Home. The touchscreen display on its own is a great way to read the news, watch videos, play interactive games, or show a rotating gallery of your favorite photos. But that’s only a tiny part of what the Nest Hub Max can do: With the help of the built-in Google Assistant, it can connect to compatible smart devices around your home and form scenes that involve adjusting lights, playing music, reporting the news, checking your calendar, and many other things. You can control all of this with Google Assistant voice commands.

2/ Samsung SmartThings
3/ Echo Show (2nd generation)
4/ Logitech Harmony Home Hub
5/ Securifi Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi system
6/ Vera Control, VeraPlus-US Smart Home Controller Hub

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