funny parenting tweets of 2019!

funny parenting tweets of 2019!
funny parenting tweets of 2019!

As miraculous and exemplary parenting is, it sure comes with no guidebooks. No matter how much advice and handy tips you get, it will always be different for you. While for some it can be exhausting, for some it is a fun ride. All those thoughts you have in your head when you plan of having kids do not come close to what actually happens when you have a kid. What you will actually realize is that when it comes to parenthood and raising kids, EXPECTATIONS are far from REALITY! One day your baby is snuggling, smiling and refusing to let you go(making you think, what did you do to deserve such a precious little gift) and the very next day, it is throwing food at you and crying for no apparent reason!
But, what really unites parents are unexpected surprises along the way. You might not always have support from fellow parents, what you really have is social media to the rescue and some tweets, which will make all parents relate and laugh out some tears of joy!

Here are a bunch of relatable memes and tweets which are so on point, it can possibly be un-hard to laugh at them and with 2019 ending already, we decided to look back at some of the funniest memes and parenting jokes we found on the internet.
(Disclaimer: These apply to kids of all ages. Whether a few months old or full-grown adult children, parents everywhere can relate to these)

* Tries not to be a helicopter parent *

Because once you have kids, weekends (and probably) holidays will never be the time you will get the option to stay in and start your days late. Forget alarms, you will have kids waking you up!

When fellow parents ask, what is the perfect age gap to maintain between kids?

Parenting 101: Party pics will be replaced by countless pictures of your children.

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