24 Perfect Gifts For The Pickiest People In Your Life

For the most part, we actually enjoy buying gifts during the holiday season. As professional shoppers, we delight in finding that one trinket that’s going to surprise all of the loved ones on our gift-buying checklists — and for the most part it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, if we do say so ourselves. But there are always those outliers whose names get crossed off last — the ones that have us hemming, hawing, and endlessly scrolling to find that just-right thing that will satisfy their highly exacting tastes.

You know the type. If you’re going to get this person a t-shirt, you can’t get them just any t-shirt —  it has to be made in the USA, from organic cotton and sold at an indie shop, not a department store. A simple wall calendar just won’t do, either — it has to be modern art museum-approved. But look no further, harried shopper: when it comes to those hard-to-please folks in your life, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up 24 gifts that will actually pass muster with your pickiest loved ones, so click through to finally check that last name off your to-do list.

Haeckels Exfoliating Vegan Seaweed Block

The Giftee: Your dietarily-restricted Secret Santa at work

Your clean-beauty, clean-diet co-worker will really appreciate this miniature luxury: a plan-based, travel-size exfoliating soap bar infused with coriander, pepper, seaweed, and aloe.

Haeckels Small Exfoliating Vegan Seaweed Block, $, available at Goodee Shop

Funny Astrological Pencil Set

The Giftee: Your boss, who asked about your sun sign during your job interview

Yes, this really happened; and no, your boss isn’t crazy — she’s just really into astrology. We bet she’ll get a charge out of these cheeky pencils.

ThePoshShopCo Funny Astrological Pencil Set, $, available at Etsy

Aerie Buffalo Fleece Dog Jacket

The Giftee: Your mom, who really and truly doesn’t want any gifts this year — but loves that damn dog

When you’re getting completely stonewalled by a loved one insisting that they don’t need any presents this holiday season, you can either, a.) take their word for it, or b.) go for their Achilles Heel — Fido. This irresistibly cute buffalo plaid fleece will look too cute on their furry friend, and will circumvent any naysaying. (Plus, they can get a matching one for herself — when they decide they want presents again.)

AE ABO Fleece Dog Sweater, $, available at American Eagle Outfitters

Pasta Grannies: The Secrets Of Italy’s Best Home Cooks

The Giftee: Your newlywed cousin

Your freshly-nested relative will appreciate a cookbook reminiscent of your Mema to kick off a lifetime of cozy, home-cooked meals. (Help her preserve the illusion of married life just a little bit longer, okay?)

Hardie Grant Pasta Grannies: The Secrets of Italy's Best Home Cooks, $, available at Amazon

Dusen Dusen Arc Bath Towel

The Giftee: Your color-happy cuz (not the newlywed, but her carefree sister)

Clothing and homeware brand Dusen Dusen has long been the darling of non-shrinking-violet design enthusiasts, thanks to its signature graphic and psychedelically-toned prints. Their geo-patterned bath towel will brighten up the bathroom of your favorite cousin, who’s newly famous in your family for the bright yellow Converse sneakers she wore to her sister's rehearsal dinner.

Dusen Dusen Arc Bath Towel, $, available at Cara Cara

Nils Pojël Self-Watering Pot

The Giftee: The friend who is about to be completely outnumbered by her plants

These days, entering your plant-happy bud’s sunny apartment is like walking into an actual greenhouse, with seedling perched on every conceivable surface. You’re worried she’s going to lose track of all the flora and fauna she’s responsible for, but this self-watering planter will help.

Nils Plöjel Self-Watering Pots, $, available at MoMA Design Store

Jacobsen Salt Co. Salt Set with Wooden Stand

The Giftee: Your dad, who already has every hot sauce under the sun

The extreme flavor-chaser in your life has already amassed enough hot sauce to last seven lifetimes — maybe it’s time they moved on to salt collecting?

Jacobsen Salt Co. Infused Salt Classic Set With Wooden Stand, $, available at Verishop

Spacey Studios Gift Card

The Giftee: Your best friend, who is living alone — at last

A gift card to this just-launched affordable art website is the perfect gift for the friend who finally, finally moved into her own place. She’ll get a kick out of browsing the minimal, reasonably priced artists’ prints, depicting abstract color stories and natural forms.

Spacey Studios Gift Card, $, available at Spacey Studios

Penguin Minis Puffin in Bloom Boxed Set

The Giftee: Your niece, who prefers reading by flashlight than watching by laptop glare

Give the wholesome gift of a special mini-set of classic Penguin books including Anne of Green Gables, Heidi, and A Little Princess, with cover illustrations by Anna Bond, the artist behind the whimsical stationery brand, Rifle Paper Co.

Puffin The Puffin in Bloom Minis Box Set, $, available at Amazon

Brightland Awake Olive Oil

The Giftee: Your Bon Appetit-subscribing, Great British Bake-Off-watching aunt

She’s on top of every food trend and is a student of instructional, feel-good cooking and baking shows. Wow her with a premium olive oil that’s both aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

Brightland Awake Olive Oil, $, available at Brightland

Tigre et Tigre Kamari Nail Polish

The Giftee: Your über-hip, Depop-happy intern who’s obsessed with “vintage”

Coming of age in the late '90s and early 2000s gave us a lifelong obsession with dark nail polish that we still, to this day, cannot shake — and, surprise surprise, it’s coming back around. Tigre et Tigre’s chic brown vegan nail polish is “10-free” — i.e., devoid of the most common toxic lacquer ingredients — and will satisfy the retro (tear!) early naughts leanings of your hipper-than-you'll-ever be intern.

Tigre et Tigre Vegan Nail Polish In Kamari, $, available at Tigre et Tigre

Lorena Canals Tray Basket

The Giftee: Your sister-in-law with a serious case of wanderlust

Imagine your annoyingly disparate daily odds and ends — keys, sunglasses, moisturizer — tastefully corralled in this braided, brick-red tray. Designer Lorena Canals manufactures this eye-catching piece in India using fine cotton and natural dyes, and a portion of the brand’s sales go towards children’s education efforts in Northern India.

Lorena Canals Tray Basket, $, available at Nordstrom

Click and Grow Smart Garden

The Giftee: Your wannabe-green thumb boyfriend

Poor dude. He tries so hard to be a plant lady, but it’s just not going to happen. (For, uh, several reasons.) However, this countertop herb garden won’t be deterred by his light-challenged basement cave — it self-waters and has built-in lights to ensure healthy and happy greenery.

Click and Grow Smart Garden, $, available at Click and Grow

Stendig 2020 Calendar

The Giftee: Your design-obsessed brother-in-law with the really minimal apartment

How does he do it? From a perfectly-preserved salmon-colored mid-century sofa to the glossy, spotless teak dining table; his studio is out of the pages of a fancy design book. There’s not a lot of decor allowed in the pristinely appointed space — this classically designed wall calendar is one of them.

Stendig Stendig Calendar 2020, $, available at Need Supply

Cotopaxi Cubre Fleece Jacket

The Giftee: Your sister, who hated participating in 4-H when she was little but recently joined a singles hiking club

The social good-driven brand has our number with rugged, outdoors-y clothing and accessories offering both protection from the elements and a colorful infusion of style. We’re partial to their punchy, colorful take on the ubiquitous fleece jacket.

Cotopaxi Cubre Full-Zip Fleece Jacket, $, available at Cotopaxi

Herb Essntls Cannabis Infused Body Lotion

The Giftee: Your try-anything-once dog-walker

Whether it’s oil-pulling, CBD, or adaptogenic herbs, this person is always on the next woo-woo wellness-treatment tip. Satisfy their alterna-medicinal tendencies with this luxurious, cannabis-infused lotion.

The Dreslyn Herb Essntls Cannabis Infused Body Lotion, $, available at The Dreslyn

AHMA Single Bok Choy Chinese Cabbage Earring

The Giftee: Your ever-accessorized, multiply-pierced work-wife

Recently-launched Etsy store AHMA specializes in mix-and-match hoops adorned with pearls and offbeat charms. We’re opting for a single dangler bearing a tiny glass bunch of bok choy — perfect for that A#1 colleague who jumped on the multiple-piercing bandwagon big time a couple of years ago and switches up her piercings weekly.

AHMAMade Single Bok Choy Earring, $, available at Etsy

Henning x For Days T-Shirt (with Subscription)

The Giftee: Your militantly eco-conscious older sister

Former fashion editor Lauren Chan’s elegant plus-size workwear collection was a much-needed addition to the extended-sizing marketplace, and we’re eyeing the brand’s impeccably tailored trench coats, blazers, and wide-leg trousers. What we’re going to gift this year, however, is Henning’s collaboration with closed-loop t-shirt company For Days, a brand that recycles your old t-shirts and replaces them with new (recycled) ones. $65 gets you a perfectly cut white Henning tee and a lifelong t-shirt subscription — in other words, it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Henning Henning x For Days T-Shirt, $, available at Henning

The Rihanna Book

The Giftee: Your design-obsessed bestie who thinks that coffee table books are meant to be stacked underneath plants and valet trays

This epic, torso-sized tome chronicling Rihanna’s life in photos will fit in seamlessly in your friend’s perfectly appointed studio apartment — whether or not she actually takes the time to read it.

Phaidon The Rihanna Book, $, available at Amazon

Finisterre Furlong Sweater

The Giftee: Your off-the-grid, eternally WWOOOFing brother

UK-based Finisterre was founded by Tom Kay, who grew up surfing the stormy coasts of England’s Cornwall county. The brand’s consciously-made outdoor goods are cozy, insulating, and made from earth-friendly fibers like cotton and Econyl, and we bet this cozy sweater will be a hit with that backpacking member of your family.

Finisterre Merino Wool Furlong Sweater, $, available at Huckberry

Mueller Stainless Steel Thermal French Press

The Giftee: Your coffee-snob partner

Do not even bother wasting your money on one of those expensive coffee-pod machines. Instead, indulge their habit with a fine double-walled French press that will keep their carefully measured brew hotter, for longer so they can sip away all day.

Mueller Stainless Steel Double-Wall French Press, $, available at Amazon

Swedish Stockings Tora Shimmery Tights

The Giftee: The one in your going-out crew who’s really serious about recycling

It’s hard to find eco-friendly hosiery out there — so hard, in fact, that earth-conscious brand Swedish Stockings purports to be the only sustainable player in the tights game. For that special someone who likes to dazzle and recycle, we suggest these spangly tights.

J.Crew Tora Shimmery Tights, $, available at J.Crew

Stella & Dot Heart to Heart Tote

The Giftee: Your dedicated, "captain-of-the-Pismo-Beach-disaster-relief" student babysitter

The jewelry and accessories brand launched a capsule collection in conjunction with Dress for Success, a non-profit that provides support and professional wardrobe staples for women re-entering the workforce. 20% of the sale proceeds will be donated through February 2020. The collection is full of empowering statement tees and heart-motif accessories, and this top-handle tote bag is the perfect gift for any charitably-minded friend. (PSA: the heart applique is actually a pocket — throw a little extra cash in there.)

Stella & Dot Heart to Heart Tote, $, available at Stella & Dot

Grammar Split Infinitive Button-Down

The Giftee: Emily Ruane, Refinery29's shopping team fashion writer (aka ME!)

NYC-based Grammar’s button-downs are so much more than your average wrinkle-prone work blouse. The brand uses crisp, organic, GOTS-certified cotton to construct their pieces in New York’s Garment District, in fashion-forward silhouettes that riff on the conventions of the white shirt. This will definitely impress that person who’s always looking for the perfect button-down. (It me.)

Grammar The Split Infinitive Shirt, $, available at Grammar
Old intro:

Shopping for holiday presents follows a simple flow — identify the giftee, then find a gift that works. But sometimes, it happens the other way around. Making our way through store after store, we end up gravitating toward something without a person in mind, but putting it back on the shelf isn't an option. Yes, some gifts are that good.

It's easy to dismiss potential presents-to-be if there's no obvious future owner. But, sometimes all the fun is in buying the item, then figuring out the lucky winner who gets to have it. Ahead, we’ve rounded up all the eye-catching goodies we've come across this season, and the perfect people to give them a home for the holidays. They may seem quirky, but we swear — there's a bow-wrapped soulmate for everyone on your list.

Sacai x Nike LDWaffle Sneaker

For those that missed Nike’s almost-instantly sold-out collaboration with high-faluting Japanese apparel brand Sacai earlier this year, we have good news: they’re still available for the price of a piece of furniture on Farfetch.com. (We heard through the grapevine that new colorways are on the horizon for 2020, so make sure you’re following Nike on Twitter now, people.)

Leigh Miller Pearl, Amethyst, and Glass Earrings

This California-based designer’s sculptural glass and semiprecious stone jewelry stands on its own as a miniature body of artwork — the fact that we can wear it on our bodies is a merely an added bonus. Asymmetry is one of the brand’s specialties, and these wabi-sabi danglers are a perfect example of this artistry.

Leigh Miller Gold-plated pearl, amethyst and glass earrings, $, available at Net-A-Porter

Gap Upcycled Puffer

The Giftee: Your suburban-dwelling aunt who’s getting concerned about what she’s been reading in the news about climate change

We were so excited to see the old-school basics brand jumping on the repurposed-fabric bandwagon with the launch of a neon-hued puffer made from a 100% recycled fill, shell and lining. It’s a great choice for the more old-school shoppers among us with a growing environmental consciousness, but may not be ready to leave their tried-and-true comfort zone.

Gap The Upcycled Puffer, $, available at Gap

Kiki de Montparnasse Velvet Robe

The Giftee: That person in your life with really, really, really expensive taste

For those with $900 to burn, may we suggest a silk-lined velvet robe that will presumably only be worn indoors? In all seriousness, though, anyone with a benefactor would be thrilled to unwrap this ultra-luxurious dressing gown — they won’t be one bit mad at the rich velvet fabrication or luxe silk lining.

Kiki de Montparnasse Velvet Robe Blue, $, available at Kiki de Montparnasse

LoveBling Bubble Letter Charm

LoveBling Initial Bubble Letter Charm, $, available at Amazon

Stan Ray Straight Leg Painter Pant

The recently re-animated workwear brand Stan Ray is coming for the Carhartt contingent with its selection of pared-down chore jackets and painter pants — perfect for impressing your snootiest menswear friend.

Stan Ray OG Straight Leg Painter Pant, $, available at Urban Outfitters
The Gift: A cozy gray turtleneck
The Giftee: Your roomie who always complains about the apartment being too cold. This oversized turtleneck is sure to warm her right up.

& Other Stories Oversized Turtleneck Sweater, $, available at & Other StoriesPhoto Courtesy of & Other Stories.
The Gift: A French girl-approved lipstick palette by none other than Jeanne Damas
The Giftee: Your brother's girlfriend who has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Rouje Lip Palette, $, available at RoujePhoto Courtesy of Rouje.
The Gift: An at-home ramen set
The Giftee: Your college roommate who still hasn't kicked her Box-o-Noodles habit. Teach her what real ramen is like this year.

Urban Outfitters Noodle Set, $, available at Urban OutfittersPhoto Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.
The Gift: A pretty city guide
The Giftee: Your bestie who's micro-famous on Instagram (or at least is trying to be). Not only is this city guide (book and app version come with this gift) helpful for her jet-setting lifestyle, it also serves as a pretty background piece in flat lays, too.

LUXE City Guides Madrid: New Edition Including Free Mobile App, $, available at Amazon
The Gift: A travel skin-care set
The Giftee: Your long distance BFF, because having super hydrated post-red eye skin is reason enough to jump on a plane and come visit.

Lano The Originals Travel-Sized Essentials Kit, $, available at Net-A-Porter
The Gift: A feminist graphic tee
The Giftee: The college bestie who's always retweeting Jenny Slate and and reposting Instagram memes that fight the good feminist fight.

Wildfang She Came She Saw Tee, $, available at WildfangPhoto Courtesy of Wildfang.
The Gift: A trendy shaving set
The Giftee: Your best guy friend who swears he "doesn't want anything this year," every year.

Harry's Chrome Winston Set + Shave Cream, $, available at Need SupplyPhoto Courtesy of Need Supply.
The Gift: The "is that a shoe or a slipper?," slip-on
The Giftee: The friend who suffers in high-heels in the name of #fashion and her recent string of first dates. This season, give the gift of a stylish slip-on that are as chic as they are cozy.

Charles & Keith Embellished Furry Slip Ons, $, available at Charles & Keith
The Gift: A Warby Parker gift card, complete with a festive box that doubles as eye glasses storage.
The Giftee: Your teen half-sister who just decided she's going to study fashion design in New York City will appreciate a little cash to spend on a cool new pair of specs.

Warby Parker Gift Card, starting at $50, available at Warby Parker.
The Gift: A tomate basilic scented candle
The Giftee: That friend who's really into (read: snobby about) food. If their taste in cuisine often leans towards gourmet, this is a mouthwatering option that won't disappoint their elevated taste buds.

La Belle Mèche Tomato Basil Scented Candle, 190 g, $, available at Neiman MarcusPhoto Courtesy of Neiman Marcus.
The Gift: A fancy, feather-trimmed set of pajamas
The Giftee: Your friend who always opts out of Friday night plans in favor of staying in. At least her late night Instagram stories will look good!

Sleeper Light Blue Christmas Pajamas, $, available at Moda Operandi
The Gift: Punny napkins that are almost too cute to use
The Giftee: Your friend who loves to host boozy brunches, and was the first to graduate from Solo cups to glassware.

August Morgan Croc-Tails Napkins, $, available at August MorganPhoto Courtesy of August Morgan.
The Gift: A customizable necklace
The Giftee: The Pinterest-obsessed newbie mom who feels the need to customize everything (and we mean everything) with her little bundle of joy's name.

Mejuri Engravable Bar Necklace, $, available at MejuriPhoto Courtesy of Mejuri.
The Gift: A chic carry-all, weekender, and post-workout dirty clothes holder all in one
The Giftee: This is perfect for your boss who's well, a boss. If she's got a killer sense of style and is the type to charge in at 8 a.m. on the dot after an early morning boxing class, this bag will make her day-to-day commute so much easier.

Béis The Duffle, $, available at NordstromPhoto Courtesy of Nordstrom.
The Gift: A mini does-it-all kitchen appliance
The Giftee: Your college age cousin who just moved into their first off-campus apartment.

Dash 2 Cup Mini Rice Cooker, $, available at WayfairPhoto Courtesy of Wayfair.
The Gift: A minimalist Mickey Mouse keychain
The Giftee: Your friend who A. really loves Disney or B. is stuck on a nostalgic '90s kid kick and needs a grown-up outlet for their obsession.

Disney x Karen Walker Runaway Mickey Keyring, $, available at Karen WalkerPhoto Courtesy of Karen Walker.
The Gift: A friendship scrunchie
The Giftee: The work-wife who will appreciate a coordinating accessory in the name of your matching feels for days that are unmatched in office drama.

LoveShackFancy Penny Scrunchie 2-Set, $, available at Shopbop
The Gift: A terrarium.
The Giftee: The first-time homeowner still figuring out the feel of the new space. They're probably too busy picking out a couch to think about the rest of the living room decor.

NCYP Indoor Tabletop Terrarium, $, available at Amazon Photo Courtesy of Amazon.
The Gift: A chic, yet fun, pet sweater
The Giftee: That friend who can never make brunch or weekend getaway plans since she's too busy sleeping in with her pup.

Max-Bone Mickey Mouse Ear Applique Jumper, $, available at Max-Bone
The Gift: A pair of headphone/earmuffs
The Giftee: Your sister whose new apartment is a little too far of a walk to the train. She deserves a pair of earmuffs that will keep her warm and entertained with her latest podcast obsession.

Ugg All Weather Tech Earmuffs, $, available at Zappos
The Gift: A set of bedazzled barrettes
The Giftee: The tween cousin who is somehow mastering today's biggest trends better than you are.

Valet Studio Claudia Clip , $, available at Valet Studio Photo Courtesy of Valet Studio.
The Gift: A Stüssy sweatshirt
The Giftee: Your cool teen sibling who has interests you haven't caught onto yet. Instead of deferring to a Target giftcard, go for an unexpected hoodie by none other than this cool-kid streetwear brand.

Stussy Printed Hoodie, $, available at FarfetchPhoto Courtesy of Farfetch.
The Gift: Modern charcoil air freshener
The Giftee: The hosts that are taking you in for the holidays when you can't travel home, so they can get some fresh air and some fresh new decor

Morihata Morihata Chikuno Cube, $, available at AnthropologiePhoto Courtesy of Anthropologie.
The Gift: The perfect everyday boot in a not-so-ordinary color.
The Giftee: The former work wife who shares your penchant for unconventional workwear, so she can wear these to her new job (tear) or to hang out with you (hooray!).

Carmelinas Shoes Ana Ankle Boot in Jean Suede, $303.44, available at Carmelinas Shoes.
Gift: A beautiful (but really hard) puzzle.
The Giftee: Your co-habitating friends who just got the space for a dining table. You guys aren't having dinner parties every night — put it to use!

Areaware Gradient Puzzle, $18, available at Areaware.
The Gift: Sleek wireless headphones.
The Giftee: Your grown-up sibling with a family, who may just want to tune out everything once in a while, but can NOT trust cords around their kids.

Master & Dynamic MW60 Over Ear Headphones, $549, available at Master & Dynamic.
The Gift: A bright, graphic notebook begging to be filled.
The Giftee: The barista who knows you better than your own roommate. We all need a place to write down our thoughts, especially those of us who have coffee orders buzzing through our heads at a mile a minute.

Project No. 8 Nathalie Du Pasquier X Third Drawer Down Notebook, $15, available at Project No. 8.
The Gift: A questionably professional card holder that's too awesome to pass up.
The Giftee: The friend who makes four times your salary, because nothing says baller quite like flower sequins.

Heather Haber Sparkle Card Holder, $40, available at Band.do Girl's Pop Up.
The Gift: Next-level personalized stationary — like, with a portrait.
The Giftee: Your friends who just got married and you've already blown their allotted friendship gifting budget on their wedding present. They have a LOT of Thank You cards to write, anyway.

Rifle Paper Co. Everyday Personalized Stationary, available at Rifle Paper Co.
The Gift: A fancy bar of soap.
The Giftee: Your S.O.'s parents, who you're spending the holidays with but only meeting for the second time. It doesn't hurt to remind them how important they are to you, too.

Joya Composition No. 1 Soap and Tray, $48, available at Net-A-Porter.
The Gift: An artsy scarf for a cause.
The Giftee: The philanthropic art-lover you love, but can't afford to buy an actual framed piece for.

Luxe + Lens 'D' Words Silk Scarf, $160, available at Luxe + Lens.
The Gift: A keychain declaring its owner's mental state.
The Giftee: Your Craigslist roomie who could use the pick-me-up.

Various Keytags Dream Life, $15, available at Various Keytags.
The Gift: A lightweight printed sneaker you can wear year-round.
The Giftee: Your platonic buddy who wears the same size shoe as you. These shoes are unisex, so you can share.

Native Apollo Moc Embroidered Shoes, $90, available at Native.

The Gift: Chic tortoise frames with a round shape that's flattering on almost everyone.
The Giftee: Your new sister-in-law with killer sartorial instincts.

Tory Burch TY7079, $, available at Sunglass Hut
— PAID —

The Gift: An understated timepiece with smartwatch capabilities.
The Giftee: Your office pal who always shows up to meetings five minutes late. This chic watch will keep 'em right on time.

Fossil Q Tailor Light Brown Leather Hybrid Smartwatch, $, available at Fossil
The Gift: An at-home pour-over coffee set.
The Giftee: The dependable coffee date: You can always count on her to grab a latte to catch up, but that's the extent of your relationship...until now. Invite her over and take the friendship to the next level.

Stumptown Journeyman, $120, available at Stumptown.
The Gift: Friendship avocado pins.
The Giftee: Your awesome personal trainer who you've just started hanging out with outside of the gym, too.

Madewell x Pintrill Friendship Pin Set, $20, available at Madewell.
The Gift: A phone lanyard.
The Giftee: The friend who notoriously drops and shatters her phone multiple times a year. Not anymore.

Chaos Zip Charm, $85, available at MatchesFashion.com.
The Gift: A cozy-but-luxurious robe.
The Giftee: The sorority sister or Little, who will appreciate the stylish touch to your at-home hangs.

Sleepy Jones Louise Shrunken Robe, $89, available at Sleepy Jones.
The Gift: A cute popsicle ornament.
The Giftee: The holiday enthusiast who skips any plans in early December to deck the halls.

Leif Popsicle Ornament, $15, available at Leif.
The Gift: Everyday socks, that are better than average.
The Giftee: The new boss who you're still getting to know. Gifting in the office is difficult enough, so take the pressure off with a pair anyone could wear.

Bonne Maison Dark Paint Strokes, $20, available at Bonne Maison.
The Gift: A quirky bandana.
The Giftee: The friend who always piles on the accessories. Jewelry was already off the table, but a bandana can be styled all of the ways to feel new again with each wear.

Poppy Lissiman Eye Heart You Bandana, $21, available at Poppy Lissiman.
The Gift: A throwback lip balm ring.
The Giftee: Your friend that never left the '90s. Give the gift of baby-soft lips in a package Baby Spice would approve of.

Rodin Olio Lusso Lip Balm Ring, $15, available at Catbird.
The Gift: A festive card that demands to be displayed.
The Giftee: The person whose birthday is right around the holidays, who'll want the cheer to stick around a few extra days.

Meri Meri Banner Holidays Card, $8.50, available at ASOS.
The Gift: A disco tee. (Which you can pick up at the Patricia Field x DSMNY Holiday Shop from December 28 at 160 Lexington Ave. in NYC)
The Giftee: Your party pal who always knows how to turn things up. No disco ball? No problem.

Patricia Field x DSMNY G-LISH Men's Mirrored Tee, $300, available at Patricia Field.
The Gift: A customizable ring that says it all.
The Giftee: Your close friend who isn't usually a jewelry person, but you think would appreciate something this personal.

Ariel Gordon Name It Ring, $695, available at Ariel Gordon.
The Gift: A trendy leash.
The Giftee: The neighbor who you've become friends with just to chill with their awesome dog.

Free People The Rooper Leash, $78, available at Free People.
The Gift: A conversation-starting pin.
The Giftee: That extended-squad member who always RTs your wittiest Tweets. She gets you, and she's getting this when you're her Secret Santa.

Pintrill Yeezus For President Pin, $18, available at Pintrill.
The Gift: A little black bootie with an edgy sole.
The Giftee: The city girl who's always a step ahead of trends. The black bootie is a closet staple, and this one is super walkable, and updated with a shearling accent and a camo track sole.

AGL Booties With Heels and Shearling, Available at AGL.
The Gift: An upscale bamboo toothbrush set.
The Giftee: The friend who's moving across the country. It'll save her one trip to CVS (out of a million), and make her place feel like home from the get-go.

Odeme Desert Rose Toothbrush Set, $17.50, available at Odeme.
The Gift: A customizable heart necklace that says it all for you.
The Giftee: Your Gchat friend who knows you TOO well. Get matching necklaces, and engrave them with a message that's near and dear to your hearts.

Erica Weiner Customizable Heartbeats Necklace, $125, available at Erica Weiner.
The Gift: A wooden phone-charging station.
The Giftee: Your deskmate at work, so both of your devices can juice up in style.

Urban Outfitters Wood Charging Station, $50, available at Urban Outfitters.
The Gift: Cheeky compliment cards.
The Giftee: The Chatty Cathy in your life, who never misses an opportunity to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Compliments of A Calling Card Collection, $16, available at Compliments of.
The Gift: Instagram-worthy furry slippers.
The Giftee: Your younger cousin who's going to college in cold, cold Minnesota.

Abercrombie & Fitch Faux Fur Boot Slippers, $38, available at Abercrombie & Fitch.
The Gift: A cute sleep mask.
The Giftee: The new boss you don't know too well yet (but hopefully this will slyly discourage those 2 a.m. emails).

Warby Parker ZZZZZ mask, $15, available at Warby Parker.
The Gift: A cute deck of cards.
The Giftee: Your friend who's always nannying between jobs — these should make afternoons a little more fun.

Antti Kalevi Pairs Game, $38, available at Yoox.
The Gift: A faux-fur scarf.
The Giftee: Your very vegan, very stylish sister. Way better than a pair of socks, no?

Charlotte Simone Candy Cane Fur Stole, $260, available at Nordstrom.
The Gift: A quirky notepad that'll turn heads at meetings.
The Giftee: The ultimate #girlboss in your life.

Word For Word Factory Feminist To-do List, $10, available at Wildfang.
The Person Who Always Drags You Into The Museum Gift Shop
Obviously get her a Keith Herring clutch, that way the gift shop is always with her. No need to go inside anymore.

Patricia Field x DSMNY Keith Herring Clutch, available at Patricia Field.
The Gift: Gel pens forever.
The Giftee: Your fun coworker who still prefers a paper planner over Google Cal. Nothing wrong with that.

Poppin Assorted Gel Ink Pens, $10, available at Poppin.
The Gift: A ceramic pink phone vase.
The Giftee: The long-distance pal who lives on the opposite coast, but you know you can call any time (and we mean, any time).

Wyatt Little Pink Ceramic Phone Vase, $90, available at Ban.do.
The Gift: A scarf that speaks to the world-traveler.
The Giftee: The friend who's Instagram looks like a page out of The New York Times travel section.

CJW Plane Mini, $195, available at CJW.
The Gift: A purse-customizing kit with a fun strap and pom-pom to make any bag feel new again.
The Giftee: The high-school age cousin who you love dearly but, wait, what are teens even into these days?

Les Petits Joueurs The Star Kit, $307, available at Les Petits Joueurs.
The Gift: A "hopeless romantic" beanie.
The Giftee: The friend who falls in love too easily, and secretly re-downloads all of their dating apps even when they swear they've deleted them for good.

Houghton Hopeless Romantic Beanie, $95, available at Houghton.
The Friend That Notoriously Drops And Shatters Her Phone
That friend should have seen this one coming. Already has one? Chances are another one will come in handy very soon.

Monika Strigel Flawless Royal Blue and Faux Gold Case, $40, available at Casetify.

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