4 daily habits that can give you acne

4 daily habits that can give you acne

Breakouts are one of the most dreaded skincare problems that almost everyone has had to deal with. Dermatologists say that issues like acne and pimples are often due to simple skincare mistakes. And, many daily habits can also lead to acne. We chatted with skin experts, who revealed four daily habits that can cause acne. From using wrong products to touching your face too often, 

Here are four reasons you can get acne:

Not using age-appropriate products

Many use the same products all their lives. Doctors say that it is extremely essential to use age-appropriate skincare items. Also, it is necessary to avoid using random products bought over the counter. One should only use those that are recommended by skin specialists and doctors.

Using soap

Dermatologist Dr Nivedita Dadu says, “Soaps have harsh chemicals and they are not at all meant to be facial cleansers. The skin’s pH level is a major factor that contributes to skin problems. Ordinary commercial soaps have pH levels between 9 and 11, which increases the skin pH level, leading to problems.” Doctors warn that using soaps on the face could make the skin dry and irritable and eventually lead to acne.

Your smartphone

Cosmetologist Dr Karuna Malhotra says, “Your smartphone can also lead to breakouts. A lot of bacteria gathers on your phone screen and the back, which when comes in contact with the facial skin, can cause blemishes and acne.”

Touching your face often

We often touch our face with unclean fingers. Dr Nivedita says, “This introduces more oil, dirt and germs into our skin. Our haircare products can also get on our hairline or face and can block pores.”

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