6 amazing DIY Christmas decoration ideas

6 amazing DIY Christmas decoration ideas

As December arrives, rings in the jingle bells. The month is all about celebrations and especially about the Christmas spirit. Candles, cinnamon and coffee fragrances, small red and green anywhere decorations, pine cones, christmas tree and huggable santa, the house looks intimidating in this festive season. Let these intimidating DIY decorations snuggle up your place this Christmas.

Paint pine cones

Collect the real pine cones and wash them. Let them dry in the sun for a day and then paint them in bright colours according to your preference. Hang them with nice, colourful strings on the christmas tree or anywhere in the house.

Cinnamon glass candles 

The fragrance of cinnamon always reminds of the Christmas time and hence sticking them around the candle holders is a great way to keep your house smelling good. All you need to do is to stick the cinnamon sticks around the glass candle holders with hot glue gun and tie a ribbon around to make it look celebratory.

Snowball wreath

This is one of the easiest Christmas DIY you can try at home. Collect the thermocol balls in different sizes and stick around the wreath in random order. Tie up a big red ribbon bow to finish the look.

Toothpick stars

Get innovative and create this interesting star made of toothpicks. For this you would need a white thermocol ball and a few toothpicks. Poke in the toothpicks inside the thermocol ball unevenly. Keep a difference in their length too. Now, paint the structure in silver or golden, whichever colour you prefer, and let them dry. Hang them from the ceiling to deck up your home.

Straw sun

This is an interesting activity for kids to do as well. Get a craft ring and cover it with a floral paper from the front. Fold and glue the sides so that it is easier to take the decoration off the ring later. Now crop half of the count of straws into a shorter length. Stick the longer straws and shorter straws alternatively on the sides of the ring. They should look like the rays of the sun in a drawing. After completing the straw sun, stick a ribbon at the back of the craft ring so that you can hang it.

Dummy presents

Christmas is incomplete without presents. Even though we cannot keep too many presents in real for decorating the house, we can definitely create dummy presents and spread them around as a decor. Wrap boxes in different sizes with gift wrappers and spread them at the Christmas tree skirt and hand some of them at different places in the living room.

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