6 new and cool ways to wear denim

6 new and cool ways to wear denim

Okay, we agree that jeans are fashion’s comfort food. Folks live in them, quite literally, with some even sleeping in them and little compares to its laid-back feeling. But there’s more than one way to sport the good ol’ blue fabric. Keep aside the skinnies and the bootcut jeans, here are other cool ways to sport denim...


From a crossbody to a backpack and tote, a denim purse makes for a nice addition to the casual wardrobe. Pair it with a classic white shirt and linen pants or with a cotton dress


Here’s something that looks stylish and is slimming, too. Layer a loose top with skinny pants and a slim denim belt. You can also wear the belt over a bulky sweater for a slimmer silhouette.


It’s the party season, but this time, instead of those blue suede shoes, slip on a pair of blue denim heels with studs. Goes well with an all-black ensemble and is apt for a daytime al fresco party, too.


Iron-on or sew-on denim patches come in zany designs and colours and add a quirky, cool element to your casual outfits. Add them to bags, clothes, shoes or whatever grabs your fancy.


The denim mani is a thing, people. Inspired by denim fabric and hue, it has folks showing off nails that give the illusion of wearing jeans. Go with a ripped look or add embellishments to liven things up!

Denim dress

This is another cold weather fave. Go for a denim dress and layer it with your fave stole or scarf in winter.

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