Christmas party games your pals will love

Christmas party games your pals will love
Christmas party games your pals will love

It’s time to celebrate the festival of Christmas. Homes and workplaces are sure to host parties and fun dos. If you’re going to dress as per the festive occasion and have pretty d├ęcor with confetti, trees and other decorations as well, make sure you have a bunch of games at hand for the party. Everyone loves a game that breaks the ice and gets people into the mood. Here are a few of these to make your party entertaining...


Print out a large picture of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, and stick it to a board. Create his ‘nose’ using cotton wrapped with red chart paper and fold and add tape to one side of it. Now, blindfold a participant, let them turn around once and then face the drawing and ask them to stick the nose on Rudolph. Mark a cross with a pen on their attempt. The one who hits bullseye (or closest to it), wins.


Add a random bunch of knick-knacks to a stocking and tie a ribbon around it to close it. Get everyone to sit in a circle and pass the stocking around with everyone getting a chance to feel what’s inside. They may write their guesses on a paper with their name. The ones with the most correct guesses wins.


This is a game of skill. First, select an open area without any obstacles. Place an ornament on a spoon and ask the first participant to walk through the course distance and back, balancing the ornament in the spoon. You may drop it once, twice means you’re out.


Here’s a game that will have everyone laughing. It’s called ‘Never Have I Ever’ and in it, each participant says, “Never have I ever...,” (they say something they’ve never done). This could be never going out of the country, never cooking, etc. It also makes for a nice way to get to know a colleague a little better.

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