Crush Your 2020 Goals With This Bestselling Planner

Crush Your 2020 Goals With This Bestselling Planner

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Somewhere between Hot Girl Summer, Baby Yoda, and a rediscovered passion for advent calendars, we blinked and 2020 happened. If you, like us, are still over here in 2019 doing mental math on a year’s worth of neglected to-dos, take a moment and put those post-holiday scaries aside. There are still a few hours left before we ring in the New Year — and we’ve got just the thing to help us all do it in organized, goal-crushing style: Erin Condren’s bestselling LifePlanner.

Whether you’re a planner pro, a planner noob, or somewhere in between, Condren’s customizable products are crafted to increase productivity and time management in any level of organizer — something that, according to her customers, the LifePlanner has a 93%-success rate in. So, how does it work exactly? Each of the U.S.-handmade softbound or hard-coiled options can be personalized to your exact taste with a range of seasonal cover styles (we’re digging the newly debuted Kaleidoscope) and three interior layouts (vertical, horizontal, or hourly). The real magic happens with what fills the pages: 12-month’s worth of planning material from inspirational quotes to notes, goals, monthly to yearly views, space for contacts, coloring sections, sticker sheets, and folder-storage pockets.

“Each day is broken down by the hour, so it is very easy to see your daily schedule at a glance,” one IRL Amazon reviewer attested. “But what I like about Erin’s planners is that Erin starts her week with Sunday. This is traditional and in line with most calendars, so it is easy to visually sync all your household calendars in one glance.” While we can’t promise that Condren’s highly customizable book of big-goal-crushing energy will solve it all in 2020, we can say that it’s a colorful starting point towards tackling at least one of those aforementioned to-dos next year.


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