Dating terminologies of the decade

Dating terminologies of the decade
Dating terminologies of the decade

We all rely on the digital world for a majority of things in our life and online dating has seen a huge rise in recent years, especially in the last decade. Dating can be quite interesting and at times, confusing. For some, being cautious is no more a precaution, it becomes a necessity in this big, and sometimes bad, world of dating. The focus earlier while dating was to find someone you like but now there are a majority of other factors involved in it. From ghosting to breadcrumbing, orbiting to eclipsing, we saw new terms and terminologies dominating the dating scene. And we don't think online dating will become less popular in the coming years, so here is a list of the dating terminologies of this decade to help you get accustomed.

01/ Ghosting

What might have been considered totally unacceptable and cowardly during the decades preceding 2010s, became an online dating trend in recent years. Ghosting defined the act of avoiding a person totally after going on a date or having sex with him or her. The person almost becomes a ghost that vanished into thin air. Instead of being condemned, Ghosting, unfortunately, became very popular.

02/ ​Fleabagging and birdboxing

Fleabagging essentially means turning a blind eye to how bad or how wrong your partner is for you. The term birdboxing is also similar to fleabagging. Derived from the name of a famous web series, the term birdoxing refers to when a person who is blind to his partner's faults and if he is a blindfolded lover.

03/ Benching

When a crush or a potential-partner treats you like an 'extra' in his romantic adventures, he is probably benching you. He might say things like, "I like you a lot but I am not sure if I like you enough to be in a relationship." He will give you enough hope to make you spend sleepless nights. But again, just like breadcrumbing, you will have no idea where you stand.

04/ Cause playing

This is a term used when your ex tries to contact you after some time just to ask for a favour. Favours related to anything like vouching for them on LinkedIn, attending a fundraiser, attending an event they are organising just because they need the chairs to be filled. Well, if this has ever happened to you, then now you know the term used to describe such situations.

05/ Dial toning

Dial toning is a term used to refer to instances when the other person gives you his/her number but does not bother to reply to your message. Similar to Ghosting, except in dial toning you do not get a reply even in the first time.

06/ Orbiting

Orbiting refers to a situation when a person does not return your messages and calls but is a regular follower of your social media. For example, that person views your social media stories and even sometimes retweets your memes, but does not bother replying. So here is a quick tip: Beware of orbiters in 2020!

07/ Eclipsing

Eclipsing refers to instances when someone starts following similar hobbies as the person they are dating. This also means that they start tagging along to such activities with their partner. While some find it quite adorable for others it might get quite irritating. So beware the next time your partner wants to tag along to your yoga class, he or she might be eclipsing.

08/ Glamboozling

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is to get ready for a date only to realise that the other person is not coming. Well if you have been ditched like this at the eleventh hour, sadly you have been glambooozled. But don't worry, you aren't alone because a lot of people have been in such situations.

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