Do you have a reticent partner?

Do you have a reticent partner?
Do you have a reticent partner?

If you are an outgoing person and dating a less expressive partner, or married to one, chances are you are living your life with a barrage of complaints and reservations. While we don’t deny it gets a little difficult to deal with a reticent partner, being less expressive shouldn’t be confused with being uncaring or rude.

Accept the way they are

If you are sure about your partner, and know being quiet is just a part of her/his nature, you should learn to live with it. They aren’t doing it intentionally to hurt you.

Don’t keep nagging

Don’t keep pushing and complaining about the lack of expression. At times, silent love is a lot better than expressing it a thousand times over.

Keeps the mystery alive

It works in your favour because it keeps the mystery alive in your relationship – no matter how long you’ve been together.

No petty issues

Isn’t that great? That cuts down a lot of fights and uninvited arguments. Them being less expressive is a perk and you need to understand that. They don’t believe in yapping all day long about petty and unimportant things in life. They have bigger goals in life.

Comfortable to be led

Most people, who express less, are quite comfortable when their partners take the lead, or are a mad cap around them. They probably need someone chirpy, quirky, expressive, to balance out their own introverted nature. In short, just because they don’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t love listening to you talking about everything in life.

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