Five design trends that rocked 2019

Five design trends that rocked 2019
Five design trends that rocked 2019

The changing tastes and preferences have given way to innovative design language trends which will woo us all through 2020. But before we reveal the trends for the coming new year, let us look at some of the most sturdy decor trends of 2019 which made a bold statement and can also be seen raiding the markets next year.

Less is more

2019 witnessed a growing trend towards minimalist design. The design language incorporates sleek, minimalistic and clean look and it is great functionally too. It easily blends with existing interiors which in turn helps in saving on a lot of extra expenditure.

Technology as the pillar

Be it Alexa, Google Home, Bluetooth enabled devices, smart lights, televisions and so on, our houses are high on technology which is also in a way making things easy in our lives. but what is important is to blend this technological devices well with the decor. Nothing should look forced.

Combination of old and new

The combination has been incredible for creating unique and functional look and feel in home spaces. When you blend the old and new look, you save more and experiment with a decor which looks comfortable for both generations. While it would look modern and chic, it will also be comfortable and warm.


2019 was all about sequins and bright-coloured-interiors. Though the trend is not going to fade anytime soon, it might get a little subtle. If you want to change from bright to subtle colours, let the sequins still shine bright in the interiors. They make the room look happier and more friendly.

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