Here's how you can read 200 books in a year

Here's how you can read 200 books in a year
Here's how you can read 200 books in a year

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." — Richard Steele
We all know how important it is to read. From transporting us to a world away from reality to opening our world to different point of views-- reading surely educates and empowers us. But unfortunately, our fast-paced lives are often filled with innumerable distractions which affect our reading time. Most of us would agree that spending time on social media or watching endless shows on TV or the internet, unintentionally, takes up most of our free-time which could otherwise be utilised for reading.

Being a "busy" reader is frustrating as we are always in search of time to have a good reading session. And if this sounds familiar to you, then here are some ways in which you can find time in your busy schedule to read mindfully. What's more, you can even read up to 200 books per year! Here's how:

1. Do not get overwhelmed with your reading goal

Reading 200 books a year isn't an impossible goal. It might take a bit of your time, but with some simple calculations and will-power, you'll be able to achieve this target. And the simplest thing to do is to simply be an opportunistic reader-- read whenever, whatever and wherever you can!

2. Which brings us to the next point-- calculate your time

An average adult's reading speed is around 200-400 words per minute. Whereas, an average novel is around 50,000 words.
So, considering your reading speed is roughly 300 words per minute (wpm), here's how much time you'll need to read 200 books per year:
200 books x 50,000 words per book = 10,000,000 words to read in a year
10,000,000 words/300 wpm = 33,333.33 minutes
33,333.33 minutes/60 = 555.55 hours
Which means, you need 555.55 hours in a year to read 200 books! If you think that's a lot of time to devote for reading, read on to know how simple it is to take that time out of your daily schedules.

3. Find time to read

While taking 555.55 hours in a year to read 200 books might seem like a daunting task to you, let us give you a glimpse of what it actually means.

According to Global Web Index's Social Media Trends 2019 report, globally an average digital consumer spent 2.5 hours each day on social media and messaging. That sums up to 912.5 hours of screen-time for an average digital consumer in a year, which simply means the amount of time wasted on nothing substantial.

If an average reader replaces 912.5 hours of screen-time with reading time, they can read up to 328.5 books in a year! Isn't that amazing?

4. Achieve your target

While reading 200 books per year might seem like an achievable task now, some of us would still fail to execute it. From lethargy to losing your track of reading or lack of motivation-- there can be plenty of reasons for it. So here's a motivational quote to help you get on the track of speed-reading:

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested; that is, some books are to be read only in parts; others to be read, but not curiously; and some few are to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.” ― Francis Bacon

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