Home remedies for cold feet and palms

Home remedies for cold feet and palms
Home remedies for cold feet and palms
With the winter season at its peak, our favourite thing to do is snuggling in the blanket. And we all know how tough it gets to get out of our cosy blanket once we are all warm and comfortable. But there are some people whose feet and palm stay cold even after staying in the blanket for hours. Does that happen with you? If yes, read this:

Why does it happen?

Our feet and palm tend to get colder when there is not enough oxygen and blood reaching our palms and feet, which happens due to poor circulation. Sometimes, feeling extreme cold can also be a symptom of various health problems like anaemia, restless leg syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, nerve damage, diabetes, hypothyroidism or hypothermia. If you always feel colder than others and your feet and palm refuse to get warm despite wearing layers, you should meet a doctor.
But in the meantime, if it’s something that doesn't happen always, you can try these home remedies:

Massage with warm oil

Massaging is the simplest therapeutic way to restore warmth in your feet and palms. Rubbing the feet and palm stimulates the blood flow and thereby increases the supply of oxygen.

Epsom salt bath

If you have Epsom salt, at home you can soak your feet and palm in hot water with Epsom salt in it. The heat of the water will give your feet the warming effect and the Epsom salt will provide your body with magnesium.

Have iron-rich foods

Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of anaemia, which can result in cold hands and feet. To fight anaemia, consume iron-rich foods like dates, soybean, spinach, apples, dried apricots, olives and beetroots in your everyday diet.

When to see a doctor

As we said, having occasional cold feet is normal, but there are some incidences where visiting the doctor may be necessary. Meet your doctor if you have cold feet and pams along with the following symptoms:

- Fatigue
- Weight loss or weight gain
- Fever
- Joint pain
- Sores on your palms and feet that are taking longer than usual to heal
- Rashes on the skin

If your feet are not cold on touching but you feel the cold internally, visit your doctor as this might be due to nerve damage.

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