IIT’s AI course as hot as Rajinikanth movies

IIT’s AI course as hot as Rajinikanth movies

Gaining a spot in the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) electives today is like getting a first-day ticket to Rajinikanth’s movie,” says Prof V Kamakoti, faculty member at IIT-Madras’s computer science and engineering department.

The professor says that these two emerging technologies have gained so much interest from industry and students alike that IIT-Madras finds itself reinventing the course structure and introducing new aspects in these electives at least once in every two years.
AI, ML and data analytics are also taught in almost all engineering departments in IIT today. There is also the concept of free open electives, where students of all disciplines can explore any elective course from the fourth semester.

“There is a radical change in the way people have started looking at computing and that reflects in the electives we have today,” Kamakoti says. So much so that some of these electives don’t have conventional textbooks and course material yet, and teaching is more hands-on, and based on research papers. The evaluation is also not the traditional exam-based one, but experimental, based on projects, research ideas, and technical reports.

The professor says it’s nearly impossible for curriculums to keep pace with technology and industry changes. “For instance, computers only had one CPU earlier and the kind of programming one needed to learn for such systems was simple sequential programming.

Today, even a mobile phone has up to eight processors in a multi-core architecture, and I need to execute parallel programs, making sequential programming alone insufficient,” he notes.

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