It’s Debate Time Again. Here Are The Key Moments You Need To Know.

It’s Debate Time Again. Here Are The Key Moments You Need To Know.
It’s Debate Time Again. Here Are The Key Moments You Need To Know.

It’s hard to believe, but there is less than a year left until the 2020 presidential election. While Trump is riling up his base with false claims and insults (and getting impeached), the remaining Democrats in the race are working hard trying to get a piece of the voter pie.
The sixth Democratic presidential debate marks the halfway point of the primary debate schedule, with six more debates left in the cycle. This is a crucial moment for Democrats to differentiate themselves, and differentiate themselves they did: There were heated discussions on the economy, climate change, and more.
On stage for this pivotal debate are: Sen. Elizabeth Warren; Sen. Bernie Sanders; former vice president Joe Biden; Sen. Amy Klobuchar; billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer; South Bend, IN, Mayor Pete Buttigieg; and businessman Andrew Yang. Ahead, all of the key moments you need to know about.

Amy Klobuchar is miss “made in America.”

After the candidates discussed Trump’s impeachment and economic advances in the U.S., Sen. Amy Klobuchar brought the conversation local. When asked about economic growth in the U.S., she said, “if we can encourage items to be made in America — every time you hold something in your hands that says ‘Made in America’ — it is the ingenuity of our workers, it is the quality of our workers, and it is the hopes and dreams of the American people.”

Elizabeth Warren schools us on taxes: “oh, they’re just wrong.”

“Oh, they’re just wrong.” Warren was asked about her ambitious wealth tax and how many criticize it’s execution. But she wasn’t afraid to shut. It. Down. Although Warren is proposing the largest tax increase on the wealthy since World War II — that’s 8 trillion (with a T) to be exact — the Massachusetts senator is confident that her initiative is the only one that will truly work for the U.S.

Bernie is on fire tonight.

After rounds of discussions on climate change, and perhaps the first time we’ve seen Steyer get truly worked up, Bernie Sanders shut down the question — literally. “Your question misses the mark,” he told the moderators. Sanders went on to school everyone on stage on how we should address climate change as a nation, ending on an already-iconic quote about “our next president, i.e. Bernie Sanders.” Amid an otherwise not-so-contentious debate so far, his passion stands out.

Andrew Yang says it’s lonely to be the only candidate of color on stage.

Up until recently, no candidates of color made the cut for the sixth debate: “I miss Kamala, I miss Cory,” Yang (wearing a pin that says MATH) said, adding that it was “lonely to be the only candidate of color” on the debate stage. Yang segued this into discussing the economic and health issues for people of color, and how in majority communities, POC don’t have as much of a disposable income to donate to political campaigns.

Tom Steyer has a lot of frenemies, apparently.

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