Protect your hair from the freezing winter

Protect your hair from the freezing winter
Protect your hair from the freezing winter

Did you know our scalp comprises of 1,50,000 hair follicles! Excessive exposure to pollution, dust and dirt can cause scalp irritation and wreak havoc for your hair. The pollutants enter the skin barrier and produce free radicals which further aggravate your scalp leading to inflammation, dehydration and aging of the same.

The scalp skin is more delicate having a higher number of sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and hair follicles and a lower barrier function as compared to the skin on the rest of the body. This makes scalp care essential. And beautiful hair does begin with a healthy scalp…

Just as one uses specific products to address different skin concerns, so too should one use specific targeted solutions to remedy scalp issues. A well trained professional expert at a salon is best suited to diagnose your concerns and recommend what will work for you.

To ensure a healthy scalp one must definitely use a good shampoo as per your scalp type to purify & rebalance your scalp. Market has a wide range of Silicon-free scalp specific shampoos – for various concerns oily/dry/sensitive/hair loss/thinning to deep cleanse your scalp and keep it well-moisturized. These shampoos with their unique formulation carry AOX Complex (L-carnosine, Vitamin E & Moringa) that have anti-oxidation properties and fight internal and external aggression. After the shampoo is washed out it is essential to rebalance the scalp with a treatment like a hair mask designed specifically to be applied on the scalp. It soothes & hydrates sensitive /dry/itchy scalp restoring the oil/moisture balance.

Apart from using the suitable shampoo and conditioner, your hair needs protection against the pollutants in the winter air which cause static and fly-aways. Any good hair oil helps fight frizz and static and gives a healthy shine too. Use it to touch up your hair during the day. The oil doesn’t sit on the surface of your hair, but actually gets absorbed to provide nourishment all day long.

A visit to the salon for deep cleansing once a fortnight is definitely helpful. These in-salon holistic treatments use refined ingredients to detoxify and moisturize your scalp & hair. Additionally, the indulgent massage gestures help with blood circulation nourished hair roots & a healthy scalp.

When out in the open, wearing a scarf or sun hat is always helpful as sun protection is necessary!
With inputs from Monisha Bhatia, Head of Education, Kerastase

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