The weirdest things to ask Alexa

The weirdest things to ask Alexa

While ordering pizza and starting your coffee maker is great, Alexa has some other, umm, interesting skills you might want to give a try. From personal questions to bodily functions, here are some weird things you can ask Amazon’s Alexa when you’re bored or just need a laugh or two to get you through the day.

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If bodily noises give you the giggles, or you just want to mess with your cat, Alexa has what you’re looking for. Here are some noise commands to try:

  • “Alexa, can you fart?” Yes, yes she can.
  • “Alexa, can you burp?” Alexa will give you a funny response.
  • “Alexa, bark.” She’ll bark, but if you tell her to bark a few more times things get out of hand and she starts rapping using dog noises. Not recommended.
  • “Alexa, throw up.” She’ll reply with a funny quip.
  • “Alexa, meow.” She will make various meowing noises that will drive your cats crazy. My cat was both befuddled and impressed that a tiny cat could fit inside my Amazon Echo Dot.
  • “Alexa, can you cough?” She’ll give you a flippant response.
  • “Alexa, can you cluck like a chicken?” Alexa will cluck, then tell a chicken joke.
  • “Alexa, can you cry like a baby?” She cries, then gets her own spirits up.


Alexa isn’t a real lady, so it’s perfectly fine to ask her some personal questions. Try these out:

  • “Alexa, how much do you weigh?”
  • “Alexa, are you pretty?
  • “Alexa, do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?”
  • “Alexa, where do you live?”
  • “Alexa, what’s your favorite color?”
  • “Alexa, how old are you?”
  • “Alexa, who is the voice of Alexa?”
  • “Alexa, are you weird?”
  • “Alexa, how tall are you?”
  • “Alexa, do you wear diapers?”

Strange skills

This list just wouldn’t be complete without a list of skills that makes Alexa do weird things. Here are some of our top picks for oddest skills:

  • Flush the Toilet makes Alexa flush an invisible toilet.
  • When you’re feeling down the Flatter Me skill will make Alexa give you compliments.
  • “Alexa, enable Gordon Ramsay.” With this skill you can ask Alexa to ask Gordon Ramsay to basically roast your cooking.
  • Super Burp will make Alexa capable of blasting a variety of disgusting burp noises.
  • The Talk Like Snoop skill lets you ask Alexa how to say sentences like Snoop Dog.
  • The Cat Translator claims it can translate your cat’s meows, but your cat has to meow first, which can be a difficult thing to get on command.
  • The Pikachu Talk skill lets you ask Pikachu questions and have a one-on-one conversation with the Pokemon character, with Alexa as the translator, of course.
  • Chewbacca Chat does the same thing as Pikachu Talk, except you get to talk to Chewbacca from Star Wars.
  • Annoy My Mom does exactly what it’s named. I’m a mom and was fully annoyed with this skill.
  • The Bruh! skill makes Alexa sound surprised when you make a mistake.

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