This ponytail trend will be huge in 2020

This ponytail trend will be huge in 2020
This ponytail trend will be huge in 2020

Who doesn’t love a tauter, slimmer face? But forget the pricey face treatments, let your ponytail do that for you. The flipped-out ponytail is being called the ‘facelift ponytail’ for good reason. It is worn up and away from the face and makes the cheekbones stand out. It also highlights an outfit and make-up like none other. The hairstyle is so popular that it got a bunch of celebs wearing it this year.

The ponytail might look like a straight-style regular one, but if you peek closer you will see that the end is just flipped out a little just two inches to give it a flip. Kim Kardashian West sported the look recently. Hailey Bieber got fashionville abuzz when she chose to wear her hair in a flipped pony with her candy pink backless gown to the MET Gala this year and Bella Hadid flaunted old sitcom style in her super-high flipped ponytail that she wore with a skirt and matching crop top. And closer to home, pop singer Katy Perry got folks taking notes when she went retro style in her pink polka dot mini dress and flipped out ponytail during her visit to India last month. Is it the new ‘it’ hairstyle? Here are points to keep in mind when wearing it...


- Make sure you have hair that is least shoulder length or longer
- Before heading out to a party, use a hairspray and smoothing brush to keep that slick, flipped out look in place
- The ponytail can be divided into two separate sections, each curled in different directions
- Use a scrunchie, hair extensions or a studded clasp to ensure it stays in place
-The ponytail looks great with a cat-eye

from LifeStyle