This Silk Mask Aligns The Stars For A Good Night’s Sleep

Silk Mask For A Good Night’s Sleep

Welcome to Extra Gifted, our hub for all of 2019’s superlatively superior presents worthy of a moment in the spotlight. We’ll unveil a new pick every day in December, so watch this space for the best of the best in giftitude to suit every price point and person on your list (even if that person is you).

Whether it’s a thoughtful, monogrammed piece of jewelry or a bespoke fragrance, oftentimes, the best gifts are the ones that feel like it’s made just for you. Well, calling all astro lovers, because we just found the best end of 2019 treat-yourself item. From practical Virgo or passionate Aries, we already know that you love repping your zodiac sign. And we’re calling it now: Slip’s zodiac eye masks are the chicest way to do exactly that.

The luxe brand behind our favorite silk pillowcases has unveiled a collection of sleep masks embroidered with every astrological sign in the zodiac. Featuring a dreamy navy blue hue and starry constellation patterns, Slip’s new design is sure to delight any astro-obsessed friend. (Then again, who isn’t sharing Co-Star memes in the group chat nowadays?) 

Plus, with Capricorn season finally here, it’s also an amazing, R29-approved birthday gift, too. At $50 (or on sale for $35 at Anthropologie if you hurry!), it’s an undeniably posh item, but then again, we’d be lying if it ranked up there with Parachute sheets in terms of giving us our best night’s sleep ever. And whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, if there’s one thing we’re committing to in 2020, it’s saying yes to the little luxuries in life. (Not that you have a problem doing that already, to all the Leos reading this.).

from Refinery29 

This Silk Mask Aligns The Stars For A Good Night’s Sleep This Silk Mask Aligns The Stars For A Good Night’s Sleep Reviewed by streakoggi on December 30, 2019 Rating: 5
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