Why many relationships end during Christmas

Why many relationships end during Christmas

We all look forward to Christmas and New Year as it is the time when you really look forward to spending more time with your family and loved ones. But don't be surprised when we tell you this is also the time when most couples start having doubts in their relationships. It is interesting to note that this can be seen as a reason for the sudden peak in divorces in January.

According to a study conducted by the University of Essex, couples should enlist reasons of staying or leaving a relationship to get a better picture of what they really want. Do they want to work on their relationship or call it quits?

Among the 27 reasons from 447 participants, it was found that some of the reasons why people chose to stay were fulfillment of emotional and physical intimacy, family duty and financial benefits; while reasons to quit were breach of trust, bad sex life, regular conflicts, acute dislike for the partner's personality.

The study also found that two broad concepts that people consider while deciding the fate of their relationship include Investment Model and Staying because of fear.

Talking about the Investment Model, it was revealed that when people felt that they had more positive experiences than negative, they chose to stay in the relationship. These investments could be emotional as well as financial. Things like shared bank accounts, houses, loved children make them think that probably they won't find a more satisfying relationship outside. When these couples don't feel satisfied, they invest the least in the relationship and feel the confidence to move away.

Coming to the second aspect, Staying out of fear, many people decide to stay in a relationship because they fear hurting their partner. They fear it may take a toll on their overall well being and may also impact their identity and space in the society. The societal pressure is high and that makes you stay.

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