19 Actually Doable Hairstyles For Super-Long Hair

The bob may be the reigning cool-girl cut, and you may have a few friends who are snipping their hairstyles into impossibly chic pixies — but that doesn't mean we've turned up our noses at Rapunzel-like length.

Whether you've been growing your hair out for years or prefer to fake it with wigs and extensions, there's no limit to the number of hairstyles you can pull off with long hair. Braids woven with colorful scarves, top-knots secured with glittering clips, long locs styled into loose waves — the possibilities are endless.

So, for the next time you feel a style slump coming on, we've rounded up some of our favorite styles to try, from decorated ponytails for brunch with your crew to Old Hollywood waves for a black-tie event — most of which you can whip up with your own two hands, no salon styling experience necessary.

  • Even if your hair doesn't naturally cascade past your shoulders, you can add extensions to your ponytail to replicate this trendy flipped-out look.
  • Disguise your four-day-old blowout with a large scrunchie and blinged-out hair clips. No one will ever know you're overdue for a shampoo.
  • Nicki Minaj's hair reaches all the way down to her Osmose boots — and looks amazing with a simple center part and stick-straight styling.
  • Switch up your part and slick your waves back to keep all the attention on your makeup — even better if that means emphasizing your pink eyeshadow.
  • Speaking of slicking back: Adding rhinestone hair clips to the mix is not only cute, but genuinely practical if you're tired of brushing your hair off your face.
  • A tousled braid suddenly becomes an Instagrammable vacation hairstyle when paired with a floral printed scarf. Now we just need to book a flight…
  • Tie your waist-length cornrows into a big plait and spend a few extra minutes swooping your baby hairs to recreate this fly look.
  • A regular shmegular ponytail is cool, but to really turn heads, tie multiple pieces of black ribbon around yours to create a bubble effect that looks red carpet-ready, but is surprisingly simple.
  • Practice this half-chignon, half-ponytail for when you need a classic style that's business in the front and party in the back.
  • We're not even halfway through January, but this woven neon look has us hyped for festival season.
  • When working with length like J.Lo's, take full advantage by rocking full, shiny Old Hollywood waves.
  • Locs are even dreamier when styled in loose waves, which you can do with the help of flexi-rods overnight.
  • Let this slick center part with waves be your motivation for spending a little extra time with your curling wand in the morning.
  • Fair warning: We're only braiding our hair with colorful scarves this spring.
  • The best part of rocking super-long knotless box braids? Your scalp won't cry for help when you pull it up in a high bun.
  • Fishtail braids feel more modern when tied up into a top-knot bun.
  • This half-puff, half-cornrow look is the perfect lazy protective style when you don't want to spend all day braiding your hair.
  • Lea Michele basically dropped the mic on all ponytail-braid hybrids with her triple knotted plait.
  • Weave some ribbon through a single plait and pin it into a low bun for instant class.

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