Does a husband's job affect his married life?

Does a husband's job affect his married life?

As Indians, we are not strangers to how the financial status or the job of a prospective groom plays a deciding factor in finding a match for him. No wonder, most matrimonial ads in India for men start with, “A boy from a respectable family earning a six-figure salary seeks a fair, homely and beautiful bride.” Or something on similar lines. And if it’s an arranged marriage, no parents would search for a jobless groom for their daughter. And god forbid if a girl falls in love with a man who is yet to find a job, most parents would make their daughter wait till he is employed or ensure that they don’t get married. The financial status or the job of a husband also plays an important role in the conjugal life of the couple. A Harvard study also made some interesting observations that support the belief that a husband’s job status has a lasting effect on the marital health of the couple.

01 ​Men with no jobs are more likely to get divorced​

The research conducted by a Harvard professor analysed the data collected from 6,300 couples and found that married men with no jobs were at a higher risk of getting a divorce than those who had a stable job. The study further elaborated that men with less stable jobs or part-time jobs faced more marital discords and their conjugal life is far from perfect.

02 Women’s employment status and marriage

Women these days play a pivotal role in contributing to the financial status of their family and most balance their work and life perfectly. Interestingly, the researcher of the Harvard study found that a woman’s employment or job status does not affect the likelihood of getting divorced. The data collected from the 6,300 couples didn’t throw much insight into the influence of a woman’s job status and divorce.

03 ​If you are single, having a job can get you a date

According to another study conducted at the Utah State University, people with financial stability are considered more attractive and date-worthy as compared to those who are under financial debt. This means having a job or being financially independent can play an important role for singles who are looking for a date, right?

04 This study is not all-inclusive

The Harvard researcher arrived at these conclusions after examining a limited cross-section of people; the study results may not apply to everyone. The study didn’t take into account the opinions of same-sex couples or men who made the conscious decision of being a house husband while their wives willingly worked to earn for the family.

05 What an Indian relationship expert believes

The dynamics between a husband and wife keep changing. Today, the financial responsibility of the family is equally shouldered by the woman of the house too, at least the number of working women is on the rise. So, would such marriages too come to an end if the husband stops working? “The financial status of the husband cannot be the only factor behind a divorce. While the financial status of the couple does play a role in their happiness, there are other deciding factors like compatibility, love, trust, etc., behind a couple’s happily ever after or not. Although, our social conditioning is partly responsible for people to believe that a man’s financial or job status plays an important role in his married life, but every marriage is unique and it’s totally the couple’s personal call about who bears the financial burden,” said Shweta Singh, senior consultant psychologist.

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