How to apply lipstick for the perfect pic

How to apply lipstick for the perfect pic

Planning to make an Instagram debut soon or want to be a beauty blogger who gets noticed? Well, even if your answer is no and you are just a regular girl who can't perfect the art of applying lipstick, you’ve got to read this!

A swipe of colourful lipstick can instantly update your look. Be it your go-to red hue or the barely-there nude shade, getting that perfect pout is more about just swiping the colour. Perfectly applied lipstick can take your oomph quotient up by quite a few notches. And, if you have always struggled to get it right, here's help in the form of a step by step tutorial on how to apply lipstick.READMORE

​Step 1

Moisturise your lips with a hydrating lip balm. Wipe off the excess balm.

Step 2

Sharpen your lip liner and draw a bow in the centre of your upper lips (or a cross). Then draw the centre of your lower lip.

​Step 3

Now draw the corners of your lips on both the upper and lower lips. Try to adhere to your natural shape.

Step 4

With your sharp lip pencil join the corner and the centre lip lines on both upper and lower lips.

​Step 5

Using a lip brush, gently blend your lip line inwards, working towards the centre of your lips from the line. This stops feathering and helps your lip colour to stay on longer.

Step 6

Now you are ready to apply lipstick. Again begin from the centre and fill in both your upper and lower lip. Make sure to maintain your lip line.

Step 7

Once the centre is done, apply lipstick on the sides.

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