Laughter is serious business

Akshay and Utsav started Deccan Comedy to promote local talent and make comedy a common form of entertainment in the city.

Smile and the world smiles with you. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Deccan Comedy — by friends Askhay Sharma and Utsav Dixit — intends to make the laughter-filled evenings, a wholesome entertaining experience. While Utsav cracks jokes Akshay works on the logistics of running Deccan Comedy (DC), and both the friends are constantly searching for new talent to introduce them to the audience. DC is more or less like a platform for comedians looking for a break or to be discovered by lovers of standup comedy.

Akshay, a law graduate who runs a digital marketing firm talks about the idea behind the club, “We started the club 10 months back with Utsav doing the comedy. The response was overwhelming and within no time, we had people approaching us for events. Standup comic is the new popular genre of entertainment and unfortunately we don’t have enough names. However, there is no dearth of talent. We don’t see new talent because there aren’t many events where first-timers can participate. As we started frequenting open mic sessions we were surprised at the kind of talent we got to see. Each one had their own style, the acts were brilliant and most importantly we discovered that the talent here cracks jokes and leave the audience in splits without using cuss words to seek attention.”

Akshay and Utsav’s prime motive is to offer a platform to newcomers. Utsav, manges their family business and has performed in clubs across USA and the duo wants to bring the same level of professionalism and seriousness to comedy in India. “Making people laugh is a serious business,” says Utsav, who is also the producer for all DC events.

Utsav Dixit  

Ever since they started in March 2019 they have been successfully doing three shows every month, showcasing newer talent each time. “When we started, it was a struggle. As we started meeting more people, doing shows and opening the stage for the audience we realised the amazing talent pool,” says Akshay.

In less than a year, DC had talents such as Sai Kiran, Vivek Murlidharan, Rohit Swain, Hriday Ranjan, Pensy Antall, Rupali Tyagi and many more. “Over 25 comedians have performed around 1000 minutes of comedy under the DC umbrella so far,” says Utsav.

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