SRK shares the memory of relishing Pink Lassi

Shah Rukh Khan
Our most cherished memories have always been around food, and so was it for King Khan. Recently, Shah Rukh Khan was invited to a dance reality show, where he was seen posing in front of a Taj Mahal backdrop. He shared a very nostalgic moment of his life about how he had spent his first salary and his experience of tasting the famous Agra ki Lassi!

There’s something special about every ‘First’ of our life and it’s worth cherishing, and so was it for Shah Rukh Khan. The actor revealed how he celebrated the happiness of his first salary by planning a small trip to Agra for the first time to visit Taj Mahal. He recalled that his first salary was INR 50 and back then it was a good enough amount, to begin with. The major part of his salary was spent to buy the train ticket, and he spent the rest of the amount to indulge in one of the famous delights of Agra - The Pink Lassi!

Unfortunately, the alluring pink lassi didn't turn out to be a great experience for the actor as a bee fell into it, but he still drank it and vomited throughout his journey back home. But what makes the actor nostalgic about it was the emotion that he had bought it from his first salary.

King Khan is known for his art of expressing and his witty replies, he narrated his experience in such a way that the audience felt the struggle of his journey from the boy next door to being the Badshah of Bollywood, which has been an inspiration for many.

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SRK shares the memory of relishing Pink Lassi SRK shares the memory of relishing Pink Lassi Reviewed by streakoggi on January 22, 2020 Rating: 5
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