What To Eat After A Workout, According To A Nutritionist

There is a ton to do after an intense workout. You have to stretch, drink water, and (we hope) shower. But if there's one step you should be extra-rigorous about, it's refueling your body.

What you eat after a workout is just as, if not more, crucial to your recovery and muscle building as what you eat before you exercise.

"During a workout your muscles use up glycogen, or stored energy, to fuel the activity," says Mascha Davis, RDN, founder of Nomadista Nutrition and author of Eat Your Vitamins. Exercise may also break down some muscle proteins, she says.

That's all normal. But in order to replace the depleted glycogen and start the process of rebuilding the muscles, you have to start chowing down on nutrient-rich foods STAT. You'll want to eat a healthy mix of carbs (to replenish glycogen) and protein (to help with muscle repair).

Swipe through to find the perfect nutritionist-approved, after-workout meal for you.

Veggie omelette + a slice of whole grain toast

Good after an early-morning workout, or an evening one. (Brinner, anyone?)

"Eggs are an excellent source of protein and vitamins," Davis says. "Combined with nutrient-rich vegetables and whole grain bread, they make a great, balanced post-workout meal."Photo: Getty Images.

Greek yogurt parfait with berries and low-sugar granola

"Yogurt is a good source of protein, while berries and granola are good sources of carbohydrates," says Davis.

Davis likes to add in moringa powder, which comes from a tree native to North India and is chock-full of healthy compounds.

"Moringa is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which can help to speed up recovery," she says.Photo: Getty Images.

AB & J sandwich on Ezekiel bread

Almond butter and jelly — a classic. "The almond butter and sprouted Ezekiel bread are good sources of plant-based protein," says Davis. Her favorite is Ezekiel bread because it's rich in healthy complex carbohydrates. Plus, it contains plenty of fiber to cut that crazy post-exercise hunger.Photo: Getty Images.

Oatmeal or chia pudding

"Oatmeal is a great source of lasting energy, Davis says. "Combined with soy milk or regular milk, it's also an excellent source of protein." Top with nuts and fruit for additional carbs and plant-based protein.Photo: Getty Images.


"Smoothies are a great way to power up after a workout. Remember to make them balanced by adding vegetables, protein, and healthy fats."

That's right, fat. That might not be the first thing you crave after exercising, but studies show they may help the muscles use amino acids from protein.

Some ingredients to consider including: bananas or other fruit, oats, yogurt, and leafy greens. Davis also suggests adding in a scoop of protein powder, especially if you're working on strength training or building muscle.Photo: Getty Images.

Granola bars

If you don't have time for a full meal, Davis says granola bars are a great way to refuel after a grueling workout. She recommends grabbing one that has eight grams of protein or more.Photo: Getty Images.

Add in some turmeric

Davis recommends adding turmeric to post-workout meals like smoothies, or even sprinkling it over oatmeal for a savory twist. She calls it a potent anti-inflammatory superfood. Studies show that this is due to curcumin, a chemical found in turmeric.Photo: Getty Images.

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