The Easiest Way To Quit Your Nail-Biting Habit Cold Turkey

If you're a longtime nail-biter, you've likely tried to kick the habit once or twice. Like any compulsive behavior, it's not easy — and a fidget spinner might only get you so far, because when you're feeling extra emotionally taxed (like, say, in the middle of a global pandemic), you might not even notice your thumb creeping up towards your mouth until you're spitting out nail splinters.

Considering the heightened awareness around germs in the current climate, leaving our nails and cuticles alone is more important than ever. Nail professionals tell us that the easiest, most effective way to quit nail-biting cold turkey is with routine manicures, but when you're spending much of the day fretting at home, a five-free polish might not do it. In that case, you'll want to use a special anti-bite formula, designed specifically to deter nail-to-teeth contact and encourage healthy growth.

Ahead, find the best no-bite polishes on the market — all the better to kick that habit for good while in isolation.

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Duri Quit Anti-Bite Nail Treatment

This clear-coat treatment will keep nails tasting bitter for a full seven days.

Duri Quit Anti-Bite Nail Treatment, $, available at Duri

Orly No Bite Nail Bite Deterrant

This polish doesn't have the same staying power — the taste only lasts a day or so — but the brush is large enough that one swipe covers the entire nail, and the formula dries in minutes.

Orly ORLY No Bite Nail Bite Deterrant - .6 fl oz, $, available at Target

Ella + Mila No More Biting

Like a top coat, this polish is totally transparent, which means you can pop it on over a color polish. Plus, it adheres to the nail, which means it won't run down the drain with frequent hand washing.

Ella + Mila No More Biting, $, available at ella +mila

Ecrinal Bitter Polish Enhanced Formula Stop Nail Bitting

If ordinary anti-bite products haven't nixed your habit in the past, it may be because the taste wan't strong enough. This one is ultra bitter, thanks to the addition of Bitrex — touted as "the world's most bitter substance."

Ecrinal Ecrinal Bitter Polish Enhanced Formula Stop Nail Bitting, $, available at Care To Beauty

Mavala Stop

One of the more expensive anti-bite polishes, Marvala Stop is a premium solution with almost 9,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Mavala Mavala Stop, $, available at C.O. Bigelow

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