Yes, You Can Transform A Space With A Single Item — Here’s How

The prospect of redesigning a home often implies a larger-than-life remodel — you know, the pricey, over-the-top kind documented by network TV giants that isn't necessarily realistic.

But consider this your home decor reality check: Interior design doesn’t have to be so extra. Forget the designer showrooms and constant pressure to adhere to new trends; sometimes it’s not about how much stuff you have, or how “Instagram-worthy” each piece is, but rather, seeking out that one item that can really redefine a space (that’s right — a single item, not 15). You don’t need a massive budget or an abundance of square footage; all you need is an intimate understanding of your own home, your individual taste, and your design priorities.

That's why we tapped four interior design experts, in partnership with Value City Furniture, to hear about the items that transformed each of their homes. Ahead, discover the power of introducing a single item into your space.

Jenee Naylor, founder of


Jenee Naylor is not afraid to mix and match: It's the guiding principle of her high-brow low-brow design blog (aptly named Highlowluxxe) and the reason she never shies away from out-of-the-box design. Case in point? Her chic, functional, and affordable Milan sofa from Value City. By introducing one unique element, Naylor was able to totally transform her space.

“I really wanted a statement piece, and my sofa sets the tone for the entire room,” she says. “I love neutrals, and this pop of blue was a great way to step out of my comfort zone while also allowing me to keep the remaining decor neutral and modern. It's extremely comfortable and relaxing and also perfect for guests to sleep on if need-be (the size is equivalent to a twin bed!).”

The takeaway here is supremely simple: When a neutral color palette starts to fall flat, a bold sofa (like the one pictured) is the easiest way to give your space a little boost.

Catherine & Bryan Williamson, cofounders of Beginning in the Middle

Sometimes, the nostalgia attached to a piece is what makes it so powerful when introduced into a new space. For Catherine and Bryan Williamson, her grandparents' antique mirror is the most transformative item in their home: "They both passed away several years ago, and having this in our home brings back such great childhood memories of their home," Catherine says.

Out of context, this mini lesson in decor still holds up: Adding a piece with an antique element (like the mirror pictured) can help set the tone for a space — even if it lacks any personal significance.

Ashleigh Spencer, founder of

Interior by Ashleigh P.

When a piece of furniture is affordable and well-designed, you know it's worth keeping around. But what takes something from simply functional to truly transformative? For Ashleigh Spencer, it's a combination of things: aesthetic, storage, and the power to hide the more messy aspects of life.

"The piece that transformed my room the most is the Evita Credenza from Value City," she says. "It’s a super modern and sleek cabinet that serves two purposes for me: holding my lamps and pretty items like decorative books and flowers vases, as well as storage for my little one's toys that can be easily hidden in the cabinets."

Dania Kawar, freelance interior designer

When Dania Kawar moved abroad to London, she was also, in a way, reclaiming a part of her family's past; the apartment she moved into used to be her grandfather's in the 1960s. And he didn't totally empty the space before he moved out — when she got there, there was an 18th-century Persian carpet waiting for her in the living room.

Unsurprisingly, Dania jumped on the opportunity to coordinate her space around the one item that held the most personal significance and design potential: "I pretty much designed the color palette and space around the carpet. My couch is brown; I have a blue armchair; and there are basically brown, cream, and blue accents all around the living space reflecting the rug."

The aesthetic of Dania's space feels particularly special because of her grandfather's heirloom — but that doesn't mean you can't apply this same design trick to your own space with a vintage-inspired rug. Simply take the elaborate patterns and color schemes of a rug (like the one pictured), and use it to help guide the design of the rest of the room.

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