7 Shows To Watch If You Can’t Get Enough Marie Kondo

7 Shows To Watch If You Can’t Get Enough Marie Kondo

Despite its specificity, we all share a similar cozy ideal that involves a knit blanket, a homemade oat milk latte in hand, and binging yet another home improvement Netflix show from the comfort of our couch. Sometimes, we get way too into a slightly mediocre show before realizing we're bored out of our minds and don't really care about what's going on. Other times, we find a winning series that checks all the boxes of a really great interior design show.

That's why we fell so hard for Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. It left us feeling inspired to clear our closest, bid adieu (and thank) the clutter in our homes, and perform some necessary self-reflection. We're burning through Netflix shows now more than ever and the key to avoiding streaming exhaust is variety. So we went on a deep dive into Netflix's archives. Click through to check out our favorite binge-worthy home decor and renovation shows, and get ready to settle in for some quality TV time.

Tiny House Nation

(2 Volumes)

What better way to learn how to maximize every last corner of your compact starter apartment than to take notes from the pros? Host John Weisbarth and tiny home expert Zack Giffin travel the country helping families make their tiny home dreams come true.


(1 Season)

In this Netflix original design show, OG fans of TLC’s Trading Spaces will recognize a familiar face: Genevieve Gordon, the interior designer extraordinaire with a free spirit and a flair for polished accents. Here, Genevieve and her business partner Peter Lorimer take on the world of short-term rentals (read: Airbnbs) as they work with overwhelmed owners to completely revamp their interiors — and business strategy — to reach maximum profitability.

Instant Hotel

(1 Season)

Can't get enough of the Airbnb content? Luckily, there's more. This Aussie-to-Netflix competition show pits short-term rentals against each other to find out which one can claim the title of "Australia's Best Instant Hotel" — and a prize trip to exotic California, U.S.A. If that doesn't entice you enough to watch, you'll get hooked with the mishmash of personalities featured in the competition. While short-term rental properties might sound like they have the same excitement and panache as The Real World, these competitors bring their fair share of drama.

The Apartment

(1 Season)

This popular Asian design competition challenges contestants in pairs of two to design an entire room every week. Sure, it sounds like an easy enough idea, but the stakes are high: the winning pair receives a prized apartment to call their own. It's one of those shows that you can let play in the background while you're cooking, cleaning, or folding your t-shirts KonMari style, and with its simplistic premise, you won't feel like you're missing out if you get too distracted.

Amazing Interiors

(1 Season)

There's something special about shows that have the ability to make you feel inspired in less than 30 minutes. As is this Netflix original, a reality show featuring real houses that look absolutely normal on the outside but ooze personality on the inside (the classic "don't judge a book by its cover" tale). While none of the interiors are achievable by realistic means, the stylish works of art will make you want to throw out everything you own and start with a blank slate.

Queer Eye

(4 Seasons)

While this entire show might not be about organizing and tidying up, there's a lot about it that "sparks joy." This reboot of the early '00s makeover show follows the Fab Five as they challenge what it really means to be "a man," help their clients discover their infinite power, and offer up a little home design inspiration (Thanks, Bobby!). Just like Tidying Up, this show will give you plenty of reason to feel all your feelings and weep like a baby — and with that said, we advise having a few boxes of tissue on hand.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

(1 Season)

If all else fails, watch Tidying Up for the second, or third, or fourth (no judgment!) time. It's really the only authentic way to get more Marie Kondo screen time in your life. In case you're one of the very few who hasn't yet binged the show, the series stars best-selling author Marie Kondo as she helps couples and families across America in desperate need of some life-changing magic. Of course, the only way to really help is by teaching them how to tidy up their homes, organize like a pro, and understand which of their possessions are truly important to them.
The Great Interior Design Challenge
(2 Seasons)

Loyal Kondo-nians who are also fans of The Great British Bake Off, this one's for you. The design competition series challenges amateur designers to give homes across Britain major upgrades. But it's not all about the designers' own creativity, it's also about how they can best please their clients — and some of them really miss the mark. It's worth a watch just to see how nervous contestants get with the time, space, and creative constraints.

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