8 Stress Toys That Will Help You Chill Out Fast

Not all of us have the ability to go for a run, book a massage, or just take the time to chill out when we're feeling wound up. That's where good, old-fashioned stress toys come in. Remember those squishy balls you'd grab as a kid to let go of that tension? Turns out, they really work.

"The benefit of squeezing is that it releases some kind of energy — it also induces you to relax," Dr. David Posen, stress expert and author of Is Work Killing You?: A Doctor's Prescription for Treating Workplace Stress, told HuffPost in 2013.

While Posen describes the classic squishy stress ball, those gadgets have grown up with you. Now there are other toys designed to help you chill out in a decidedly adult manner, including tones that double as desk decor and phone cases.

Here, you'll be able to find toys that do both of these things, and more. Happy de-stressing!

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. 

Speks Magnetic Balls

You can mold these tiny magnetic balls into endless iterations of different shapes and satisfying structures. Think of them as a mess-free way to make art.

speks Magnetic Balls, $, available at Amazon

Fidget Spinner

I know fidget spinners get a bad rap, but they're kind of legit. They were designed to help people with anxiety and ADHD, after all. And there's something so satisfying about watching it spin around and around.

SCIONE Fidget Spinner, $, available at Amazon

Color-Changing Nee-Doh

These malleable blobs are super satisfying, and they change colors as you handle them. Knead and pull the toys whenever you feel your tension levels starting to rise.

Urban Outfitters Color-Changing Nee-Doh, $, available at Urban Outfitters

Bubble Wrap Phone Case

Did I just buy myself one of these after I wrote this? Yes. Do I have any regrets? No.

RB-CASE Bubble Wrap Phone Case, $, available at Amazon

Pop It Pal

I know it's gross, but those of you that watch Dr. Pimple Popper videos on the reg might want to invest in this little contraption. You'll be able to sit back, relax, and pop your way to zen.

Urban Outfitters Pop It Pal, $, available at Urban Outfitters

Soybean Keychain

Besides the fact that this stress toy is adorable (each bean has a tiny face on it!) it's also easily transportable. Clip it to your bag, backpack‚ or keys and tap into calm on the go.

ASSBABY Soybean Key Chain, $, available at Amazon

Infinity Cube

This infinity cube includes five different types of stress toys, including a
"roller chain" and a "flippy chain". If you're a little indecisive (and a little high-strung), this might be the toy for you.

asuku Infinity Cube, $, available at Amazon

Kinetic Desk Toy

Arguably the chicest of the bunch, simply give this gold desk toy a spin and feel a wave of tranquility wash over you as you watch it turn into a cool optical illusion.

KKPOT Kinetic Desk Toy, $, available at Amazon

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