Experts Say These Are The Best, Easiest Houseplants To Own

Whether you're a nascent collector or a Highly Advanced Plant Lady, the sheer variety of houseplants out there can be overwhelming. It's easy to fall back on tried-and-true favorites like succulents and fiddle leaf figs, and while we take comfort in the knowledge that they'll never let us down, sometimes, the plant wall is just calling out for some variety.

That's why we asked bona-fide plant experts for their recommendations on the easiest, prettiest, all-around best houseplants that you may not have heard of. Read on to find out what to invest in if your home doesn't get a lot of natural light, if you live in an unpredictable climate, or if you're just not that good at regular waterings.

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. 

Zenzi Plant

Joyce Mast, the official "Plant Mom" at Bloomscape, a plant home-delivery company, says the Zenzi Plant is "nearly indestructible." She explains, "It adapts to all levels of light except for direct sun and requires very little water or additional care."

Bloomscape Zenzi Plant, $, available at Bloomscape

Red Prayer Plant

If you're looking for something with a dash of color, Mast suggests the aptly named Red Prayer Plant, which she says is "fast-growing, hardy, and easy." She recommends owners, "Place it in low to bright indirect light, water when the top half of the soil is dry, and watch it thrive!"

Bloomscape Red Prayer Plant, $, available at Bloomscape

Dracaena Limelight

If you're struggling with a space that doesn't get a lot of natural light, Mast recommends the Dracaena Limelight. "This bright, lush plant is incredibly easy to care for and thrives in low light conditions," she shares.

Bloomscape Dracaena Limelight, $, available at Bloomscape


Donna Letier, CEO and Co-Founder of Gardenuity, which delivers fully-equipped home gardening kits, makes the case for an indoor herb garden. "They are easy to care for and add depth to our senses — the scents they bring forth are amazing!" she says. "Rosemary in the powder room is an unexpectedly perfect touch and fresh peppermint in your entry way will give you a surprisingly fun waft of happiness every time you walk in the door."

Gardenuity Rosemary, $, available at Gardenuity


"Their firey colored blooms add a distinct and memorable architectural style to any setting. Maintenance wise, they only require a watering once a week," Letier says. Now that's our kind of plant!

Etsy Bromeliad Vriesea Christiane, $, available at Etsy


If you live in an unpredictable climate, consider the Kalanchoe. "A beauty on the outside and tougher on the inside, this variety thrives in dry environments and easily adapts to temperature changes," Letier explains.

Etsy Kalanchoe in 5' Terra-Cotta Pot, Live Plants, Homedecor, $, available at Etsy


"When trying to fill and decorate a big corner with much needed greenery, I recommend the Monstera, a majestically fluffy plant," Letier tells us. "This lovely lady requires little care — in fact, the most maintenance needed is a swift dusting every once in a while and a small drink once a week."

Etsy Large Monstera deliciosa, $, available at Etsy

Peace Lily

Pol Bishop, a London gardener and plants expert with Fantastic Gardeners, suggests this air-purifying plant because it's low-maintenance and can adapt to a range of conditions. "It’s a perfect choice for growing indoors and in offices because it can thrive under fluorescent lights, too," he says. "In fact, the Peace Lily can add that much-needed greenery to your bathroom as well. Make sure you keep it away from direct sunlight and water it just once a week"

Spring Hill Nurseries High Five Peace Lily, $, available at Spring Hill Nurseries

Cast Iron Plant

Officially known as the Aspidistra elatior, Bishop says this plant is perfect for areas with low light levels. "In fact, this easy-to-grow plant can withstand occasional watering. Remember to fertilize this slow grower once a month during warm seasons. This plant is definitely among the hard-to-kill varieties and its gorgeous foliage will make it stand out in any space," he says.

Wekiva Foliage Cast Iron Plant, $, available at Amazon

Areca Palm

This pretty palm is great for that awkward plot of space that you don't quite know what to do with. Plus, according to Bishop, it's super easy to care for. "All you have to do is water it regularly, but try not to overwater your plant to prevent root rotting. Place in a sunny spot in your home which doesn’t receive direct sunlight. This plant has many benefits and one of them is being one of the best air purifying plants and it is also pet-safe," he notes.

Areca Palm, $69.95,

Costa Farms Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree, Live Indoor Plant, 3 to, $, available at Amazon


Also known as Hedera helix, Letier calls this plant an "obvious and dependable choice." Exotic it is not, but a classic hanging ivy plant is a chic and easy way to bring some green into your home without sacrificing valuable real estate on tables and shelves. Plus, there's nothing better than an open window and hanging plant leaves that blow gently in the breeze.

English Ivy, $46.99, Wayfair.

Pilea Cadierei

Also known as aluminum plants or watermelon pilea, this pretty perennial has leaves that are said to look like watermelon skin, or like they're splashed with silver paint, depending on the eye of the beholder. It's also, Letier says, an obvious choice for an indoor garden, as it's easy to care for assuming you can provide it with some humidity.

Pilea Cadierei rooted starter, $4, Etsy.
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