Meet: The Great Pets

There's an old adage that behind every great human is an even greater pet — and we  couldn't agree more. Our pets inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves: from humble people who pick up poop to active people who get the heck out of bed on Sunday mornings. But lately, the animals in our lives have gone above and beyond their usual pet duties; they've become beacons of unconditional positivity during hopeless times, providing much-needed companionship and connection in a socially distant world.

In honor of all the great pets out there currently doing their best joy-spreading work, we decided to spotlight a few that are behind the humans . Ahead, everything you need to know (from favorite activities to biggest regrets and yearbook superlatives) about these very good doggos to super floofy cats. Here's hoping their beloved toys (Mittens the cat's My Little Pony doll), absurd nicknames (Bowie, aka DJ Scratch) bring a little bit of happiness to your day.

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team.

Snowpea (Cat) & Cauliflower (Dog)

5-month-old Scottish Straight and 6-year-old Pomeranian owned by Andrew Y., R29's Staff Accountant

Most likely to: "Snowpea: steal your lunch. Cauliflower: invade your personal space."

Favorite activity: "Eat, sleep and repeat."

Favorite treat or toy: "Snowpea: Temptations. Cauliflower: Newman's Own Beef Jerky."

Biggest regret: "Snowpea: not auditioning for 'The Circle.' Cauliflower: trusting that it would be a fart."

Instagram: @hungry.snowpea

Griffey James (Aka Bean Boy)

2-year-old French Bulldog owned by Christina Dun, R29's Video Producer/Editor

Most likely to: "Brighten up your day (OR be the Class Clown)."

Favorite activity: "Playing at the park with friends."

Favorite treat or toy: "Tennis balls."

Biggest regret: "Farting in the office during meetings..."

Instagram: @therealgriffeyjames

Luna (Aka Tuna)

5-year-old Greyhound mix owned by Janette Phan, R29's Director of Brand Strategy

Most likely to: "Be everyone's friend (she loves cats and babies)."

Favorite activity: "Chasing squirrels."

Favorite treat or toy: "Whatever you're eating plus a ball."

Biggest regret: "Letting us trick her into bath time."

Instagram: "No."

McGregor (Aka Poops)

7-month-old Cornish Rex owned by Marissa Rosenblum, R29's Shopping Director

Most likely to: "Be looking down at you (literally, not figuratively).”

Favorite activity: "Play."

Favorite treat or toy:Crinkle balls — the crunchy-crinklier, the better.”

Biggest regret: "Sriracha taste test.”

Instagram: "A popular request, but no, not yet."

Arlo (Aka Basket Baby)

1-year-old Border Collie mix owned by Liz Buxton, R29's Market Editor

Most likely to: "Make you fall in love with her."

Favorite activity: "Tuning into Squirrel TV (aka watching squirrels outside through a window)."

Favorite treat or toy: "She has a newfound tennis-ball obsession and an all-consuming passion for bully sticks."

Biggest regret: "Pooping on the rug under my desk."

Instagram: @foxyarlo

Hal (Aka Jalisco Fiesta)

3-year-old Greyhound owned by Connie Wang, R29's Senior Feature's Writer

Most likely to: "Be lying down."

Favorite activity: "Napping in extreme comfort."

Favorite treat or toy: "Yogurt."

Biggest regret: "Ever leaving his bed(s). Hal retired so he can sleep up to 20 hours a day. He LOVES his new lifestyle."

Instagram: "No :(."

Franny & Zooey (Aka Frances Potato-Pants Shadel-Harrison & Zooey Guacamole Shadel-Harrison)

6-year-old American Shorthair sisters owned by Olivia Harrison, R29's Lifestyle Editor

Most likely to: "Franny: to open a biscuit bakery. Zooey: to fall in the toilet."

Favorite activity: "Franny: eating, laying in her mom's sock drawer, licking her parents, and stalking 'prey' (i.e. toys, stray pieces of paper, twist ties, her mom and dad's feet under the covers, and her sister Zooey). Zooey: eating, eating her sister's food, heckling pigeons from the windowsill, laying in her bed, chasing toys, scratching the furniture, waking her mom up at 2 a.m., and getting pets from dad while he drinks coffee in the morning."

Favorite treat or toy: "Both Franny and Zooey love their Catit Lounge Scratcher — we refer to it as their chaise lounge because the love to lay on it after tuckering themselves out with scratches. They also like this Frisco Cat Tracks Butterfly Cat Toy and laser pointers. As a very, very special treat, we sometimes give them tiny bits of rotisserie chicken. That blows their minds. It's their favorite."

Biggest regret: "Eating anchovies. Their dad once gave anchovies to them as what he thought would be a treat, and they both barfed everywhere. They hated it."

Instagram: "No, but I post pictures of them on my Instagram account constantly @oliveh19."

Maeve (Aka Sweet Girl)

12-year-old Wheaten Terrier owned by Morgan Baila, R29's Supervising Editor

Most likely to: "Act like she doesn't know you in public."

Favorite activity: "She likes to sleep upside down, jump up and knock all the pillows off the couch as a treat, and stare at you until you walk over to pet her, only to act uninterested. A boss move."

Favorite treat or toy: "She's too mature for toys. She does, however, enjoy the occasional treat, which is often dog-friendly jerky."

Biggest regret: "She regrets the fact that she lives in the pollen-filled South when she suffers from severe pollen allergies!"

Instagram: "No, just fan accounts like my own: @morganbaila."

Stella (Aka Buglet)

4-year-old Boston Terrier owned by Kaitlyn Flannagan, R29's Photo Editor

Most likely to: "Flirt to get her way."

Favorite activity: "Cuddling."

Favorite treat or toy: "Fuzzy blankets."

Biggest regret: "Losing the ball under the couch...again."

Instagram: @stellainbrooklyn

Libby (Aka Tuk-Tuk)

3.5-year-old German Shepherd-Lab mix owned by Rachel Krause, R29's Deputy Beauty Director

Most likely to: "Find a way to kick us out of our own home so she can have the entire apartment to herself."

Favorite activity: "Fetch. So much fetch."

Favorite treat or toy: "She has a rubber ball with plastic inside to mimic the sound of a crinkling water bottle. We refer to it as the 'dreaded ball' because she is always bringing it to us and shoving it in our laps, hands, and faces to force us to play. It is always wet."

Biggest regret: "Annihilating every squeaky plush toy she's ever loved within 24 hours of receiving it."

Instagram: "No, she sees herself as too much of an intellectual to be concerned with social media."

Sir Frederick of Cambridge (Aka Stinky Ding-Dong)

5-year-old Domestic Short Hair owned by Marissa Rae Roberts, R29's Senior Creative, Experiential

Most likely to: "Bite my human for no reason at all."

Favorite activity: "Between my many naps and cleaning my behind, I am a master bird watcher specializing in identifying the rare species in the Northeast."

Favorite treat or toy: "Continuing with my love of birds, my prized possession is a bird on a stick with a bell attached to it. Every day when my human is staring at her tiny screen, I bite her until she pretends the bird is alive, just so I can attack it again. Muahahahaha."

Biggest regret: "Well, this is a hard question as I have spent the majority of my life being perfect. However, if I had to pick something it would be the story of 'The Bird That Got Away.' You see, it was a sunny, spring day and the birds were chirping. I was on high alert all day, but bird watching is exhausting. Just as I decided to take a quick snooze, a Red-Breasted Nuthatch landed on my windowsill! I leaped from my cozy bedding with such vehemence that I forgot my stupid human had closed the window. My strong body bounced off the glass to my embarrassment. I did not get the bird. Only my human saw the incident, but I swore her to silence."

Instagram: @sirfredthefeline

Dakota (Aka Kota Bear)

7-year-old Chihuahua Terrier mix owned by Alexa Thompson, R29's Associate Producer

Most likely to: "Brighten up someone's day."

Favorite activity: "Playing catch with her favorite green ball"

Favorite treat or toy: "She LOVES ice and her little piggy stuffed animal toy!"

Biggest regret: "Chewing things she shouldn't be chewing."

Instagram: @thekotacutie

Mittens (Aka Mittens Kesselman)

10-year-old Brown Tabby owned by Kate Kesselman, R29's Video Intern

Most likely to: "Get the role of baby Tiger in Tiger King."

Favorite activity: "Stealing my seat."

Favorite treat or toy: "He has a My Little Pony Doll that he loves to bite and lick its hair."

Biggest regret: "He regrets peeing on the suitcase. He knows it was not nice. "

Instagram: "No."

Llewellyn Douglass (Aka Llewie)

6-year-old Italian Greyhound-Xoloitzuintle mix owned by Joel Arbaje, R29's Senior Photo Editor

Most likely to: "Beg for food! "

Favorite activity: "Running off-leash, fetching big sticks, eating everything he can get his paws on, and licking himself to death."

Favorite treat or toy: "Chicken, peanut butter, and his favorite toy is a blue chewy bone."

Biggest regret: "Breaking his arm, he broke his right front leg from a fall at 7-months old."

Instagram: #llewellynthedog


4-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix owned by Leah Carroll, R29's Staff Writer

Most likely to: "Scam."

Favorite activity: "Lying in a sun patch."

Favorite treat or toy: "Stuffed elephant."

Biggest regret: "Not marrying an aged purebred and robbing him/her blind."

Instagram: @monalisabarks

Foster Pups

4-month-old to 3-year-old pups fostered by Jackie Requeima, R29's Associate Experiential Designer
Most likely to: "Find a forever home!"

Favorite activity: "Chase, running around, and playing ball."

Favorite treat or toy: "Squeaky toys! And honestly good ol' tennis balls."

Biggest regret: "Why does Jackie live in a 4-floor walk-up? And I have to take the scary subway to work."

Instagram: @4theloveoffostering

Jezebel (Aka JB)

9-year-old Morkie owned by Dani Skollar, R29's Creative Director Experiential

Most likely to: "Be best friends with the lunch lady."

Favorite activity: "Playing catch, flirting with delivery men, and finding ways to always have her chin or at least one paw touching/cuddling with her human fam."

Favorite treat or toy: "Her favorite toy is Mr. Jack - a stuffed jack she's had since she was a pup. Her favorite treat is anything she can eat."

Biggest regret: "Never learning another language."

Instagram: "Nope."


11-year-old Papillon owned by Joel Nagy, R29's Director of Engineering

Most likely to: "Be a drama queen."

Favorite activity: "Going to the office."

Favorite treat or toy: "Smartbones, alternative rawhide."

Biggest regret: "Eating the doormat."

Instagram: "No."


9-year-old Domestic Shorthair owned by Sam Prasopthum, R29's Assistant Photo Producer

Most likely to: "Steal the food off your plate."

Favorite activity: "Plotting ways to steal food off the counter or in the sink. Also loves bathing his little sister or napping in his cat hut."

Favorite treat or toy: "He loves realistic toy mice. He loves to bat it around the house and will bring it to me to show off!"

Biggest regret: "Not jumping in mom's empty Amazon box when he had the chance."

Instagram: "No."

Riley & Willow (Aka Roo & Woo)

6-year-old German Shephard and 5-year-old Whippet mix owned by Vanessa Weiss, R29's Sweet Digs Production Manager

Most likely to: "Riley: run herself into a wall. Willow: have no clue what she's barking for (or at)."

Favorite activity: "Being lazy, playing the 'I need to go out so I can come back in' game"

Favorite treat or toy: "BONES. And sticks — we have a pile of sticks in the backyard that we call Riley's toybox."

Biggest regret: "Riley: nothing. Willow: everything."

Instagram: "No."


10-year-old Yorkie-Poo mix owned by Rosalie Rodriguez, R29's Production Assistant

Most likely to: "Be in the bad girls club."

Favorite activity: "Playing with her squeaky toys/ sleeping"

Favorite treat or toy: "Teenie Greenies Dental Treats."

Biggest regret: "Leaving her heated bed."

Instagram: @MillieMadoo

Elvis (Aka LV)

2-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix owned by Haley Beadle, R29's Production Assistant

Most likely to: "Be a human stuck in a dog's body."

Favorite activity: "Toss-up between sleeping and long walks."

Favorite treat or toy: "Not really a toy guy, but loves Wild One chicken strips."

Biggest regret: "Being so shy and missing out on pets."

Instagram: @justelvisdog

Java (Aka Grandma)

16-year-old Maltipoo owned by Nicole Doiron, R29's Camera Assistant

Most likely to: "Live to be 150-years-old."

Favorite activity: "Walking in circles."

Favorite treat or toy: "She loves bacon."

Biggest regret: "She has a lot of accidents because she is old. She always regrets them after."

Instagram: "No."

Bowie (Aka DJ Scratch)

1.5-year-old Potcake owned by Carli Whitwell, R29 Canada's Deputy Editor

Most likely to: "Eat your lunch."

Favorite activity: "Chasing dog friends in the park and snuggling."

Favorite treat or toy: "Frisbee."

Biggest regret: "No regrets!!!!"

Instagram: "Sadly, no."

Larry & Leo (Aka Teddy & Poops)

3-year-old Havapoo and 13-year-old Beabull owned by Taylor Fields, R29's Campaign Manager

Most likely to: "Larry: to steal your heart. Leo: to fart and walk away."

Favorite activity: "Larry: looking out the window. Leo: eating and sleeping."

Favorite treat or toy: "Larry: Purple Dinosaur! Leo: all treats."

Biggest regret: "Larry: not sniffing all the butts. Leo: missing any sidewalk trash."

Instagram: "No."

Chiqui (Aka Chiquinquirá Mira Ugarte Morea)

6-year-old Coonhound mix owned by Rene Ugarte, R29's Sweet Digs Producer

Most likely to: "Survive the apocalypse."

Favorite activity: "Cuddle."

Favorite treat or toy: "A Jack Skellington squeaky toy."

Biggest regret: "Not eating my birthday cake in full when she had already taken a few bites..."

Instagram: "Nope."

Latte (Aka Latte "Meghan Markle" Starbucks)

7-month-old Pomeranian owned by Natalie Gontcharova, R29's Senior News & Politics Editor

Most likely to: "Want to play with EVERYONE."

Favorite activity: "Running from one end of the apartment to the other and hopping on furniture, closely followed by chewing on things."

Favorite treat or toy: "A little squeaky toy that looks like a Metro card, it says 'Metro pup.' She's not getting a lot of use out of it these days...Also, her coffee-themed chew toys, see pictured."

Biggest regret: "Not making more pet friends when we weren't quarantining!"

Instagram: @littlelattebigcity

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