Now’s A Great Time To Switch To A Fragrance-Free Shampoo

As much as we'd all like to emit a cloud of sweet-smelling perfume with every hair toss and flip, the truth is, added fragrance can be bad news for those with sensitive or dry scalps. That's where fragrance-free shampoos come in.

"Fragrances can lead to skin irritation, whether they come from skin-care or even hair-care products," New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, tells us. "Shampoos are especially problematic because they directly touch the scalp, and the lather touches the rest of the body as it is washes from the hair and drips down."

In fact, in a recent report by The New York Times, two experts separately pointed to fragrance as an underlying source for a range of scalp issues, including hair loss. That's not only because it can be a sensitizer in and of itself; "fragrance" also tends to be a catch-all term on ingredient lists, which might include other irritating chemicals.

But fret not: Finding a fragrance-free (not "unscented," which means it might contain ingredients to mask or neutralize scents) shampoo is pretty easy in 2020. There are tons of brands that range from drugstore to salon quality that offer fragrance-free formulations at a variety of price points.

Ahead, find 10 gentle options that'll get you the cleansing benefits you need without the perfume you don't.

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. 

Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo

Drunk Elephant just released a range of hair and body products, and this shampoo was among our favorites. It offers a gentle yet thorough cleanse, and is perfect for those with sensitive scalps.

Drunk Elephant Cocomino™ Glossing Shampoo, $, available at Sephora

Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Shampoo

Celebrity trichologist Philip Kingsley developed this extremely mild shampoo for his wife to use during chemotherapy when she was battling breast cancer. It has fatty acids to smooth and condition a variety of hair types, without irritating them.

Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Shampoo, $, available at DermStore

The Honest Company Shampoo + Body Wash

This two-in-one shampoo-and-body wash is gentle enough for babies — and your delicate scalp.

The Honest Company Shampoo + Body Wash - Purely Sensitive, $, available at The Honest Company

Be Free Shampoo

Having hit bonafide hair-icon status as Topanga in Boy Meets World, actor Danielle Fishel was inspired to develop a range of clean, consciously-formulated hair care after becoming pregnant with her son last year.

Be Free's vegan shampoo is fragrance- and sulfate-free, and is packed with botanical ingredients like argan, sesame seed, and orange peel oils to condition and restore softness and shine.

Be Free Shampoo, $, available at Be Free

Kristin Ess Fragrance Free Daily Cleansing Shampoo

After majorly upgrading Target's hair section with accessibly-priced, pro-grade styling tools and products, hairstylist Kristin Ess just launched a fragrance-free collection for her fans with sensitive scalps. We love this clarifying shampoo, which is perfect for ridding product buildup and oil.

Kristin Ess Fragrance Free Daily Cleansing Shampoo, $, available at Target

Free & Clear Shampoo

This derm-approved shampoo is as gentle as it gets. Plus, the pH-balanced, crystal-clear gel works wonders to curb common scalp ailments like, flaking, itching, and oiliness.

Free & Clear Free & Clear Hair Shampoo | Fragrance, Gluten and Sulfate Free | For Sensitive Skin | 12 Ounce, $, available at Amazon

SEEN Shampoo

SEEN is a dermatologist-developed range of products aimed to keep your complexion and your scalp clear. This non-comedogenic formula leaves hair shinier, bouncier, and with significantly less frizz.

SEEN Shampoo, Fragrance Free, $, available at SEEN

A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Shampoo

Looking for a silicone-free option? Aussie beauty brand A'kin's soothing option is ideal for those with chronic skin or scalp conditions, including eczema or psoriasis. "Using a fragrance free shampoo has no impact on the shampoos ability to clean the hair itself, but can be useful if you have dry, sensitive, or eczema-prone skin," says Zeichner.

A'Kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Shampoo, $, available at LookFantastic

Jāsön Fragrance Free Shampoo

Aloe vera and vitamin B5 are among the shine-boosting ingredients in this wildly affordable Amazon pick. ($10 price tag for a Costco-sized bottle? Score.)

Jāsön Fragrance Free Shampoo, 32 Fluid Ounce, $, available at Amazon

Mother Dirt Sulfate Free Shampoo

Mother Dirt's raison d'être is all about preserving the natural flora of the skin's microbiome — and that applies to your scalp, too. This fragrance-free shampoo gets your hair spick-and-span without overstripping it.

Mother Dirt Sulfate Free Shampoo, $, available at Amazon

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