“Quarantine Nails” Are Trending On Instagram

There are a few instances where beauty products can double as a productive at-home activity. Really, you can DIY anything, from a professional spray tan in your own bathroom to a facial in your kitchen. But if you're taking inspiration from your friends on Instagram, you might want to grab a nail file and a few bottles of polish and start with a DIY quarantine manicure.

Over the past three weeks, since the mandated nail-salon closures as a result of COVID-19, we've seen the "quarantine nails" tag take off. Following the hashtag leads to over 4,000 inspiration images, with the most popular design by far being the rainbow manicure with a different polish painted on each finger — both creative and arguably the easiest form of nail art.

Scroll through the gallery ahead, and let your favorite look serve as inspiration for this weekend's self-care project.

One manicure we've seen reposted over and over again under the hashtag is this muted-rainbow color way by beauty blogger Overglowedit. Her caption, also fitting with the current April showers: "Making my own sunshine on another rainy day."
This look isn't quite rainbow, but the candied pastel gradient with shaped almond tips has a similarly eye-catching effect. "One look at these, and I get filled with excitement from all the colors — even though what’s going on around me isn’t quite colorful," writes style influencer Cassanie.
If you're thinking brighter, like borderline neon, take inspiration from this square-tipped rainbow design captioned, "Easter Vibes." (In case the days are blending together for you, Easter is a week from Sunday.)
If your nails are trimmed short right now — maybe a conscious decision to curb the spread of bacteria during this pandemic — you might opt for this pastel glitter look, which the artist calls "Short, Colorful, & Sweet."
This looks like a DIY polish job, but according to the caption, these cute marigold-speckled quarantine nails actually come courtesy of handy press-on strips from Dashing Diva — making yet another case for the nail-art stickers when the salon isn't an option.

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