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Remember Tumblr? It’s Now The Coziest Place On The Internet

Remember the sense of security you felt burrito-wrapped in your comforter with your laptop glowing into your face like a campfire? And how could we forget that thrilling sense of belonging we got from finding a perfectly-curated corner of the internet that seemed made specifically for us? 
Those were the days and they’re making their timely return. Tumblr just launched an official blog for the coziest content on the internet aptly called Think bread art and recipes, Animal Crossing New Horizons memes, adorable art projects, chill-lofi playlists, pictures of dew sliding off leaves. It’s where older millennial hipster culture meets Gen Z’s well-established penchant for coziness.
But Tumblr isn’t the only place on the internet that has cozy content. TikTok abounds with cottagecore and a bevy of calming aesthetic videos. Instagram has a hold on all things “satisfying,” not to mention, that’s where all the best recipes live. And who can forget YouTube? Calming quarantine routines, journaling videos, and all the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen content you could ever want. We can now confidently confirm that the internet is one of the coziest places out there.
So now is as good a time as any to indulge in some digital nostalgia. To be fair, Tumblr has been around this whole time. But ever since the (very necessary) crackdown on depression glamour and the (arguably unnecessary) crackdown on porn, a lot of the impassioned communities that fed Tumblr have since dispersed among other platforms. But there is something to be said about a perfectly cozy, vacuum-sealed section of the internet, made just for winding down. Cozy Tumblr has a good chance of pulling us back in.

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Remember Tumblr? It’s Now The Coziest Place On The Internet Remember Tumblr? It’s Now The Coziest Place On The Internet Reviewed by streakoggi on April 01, 2020 Rating: 5

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