This $12 Rose-Gold Hair Dye Is Selling Out At Target

If you've been following the evolution of shopping trends during the COVID-19 pandemic, you know that we've transcended the initial stages of panic-buying hand sanitizer and toilet paper and are currently at the apex of the hair-dye phase of quarantine. With salons shut down, stir-crazy Americans are turning their bathroom sinks into makeshift bleach bowls, with the current social-distancing measures inspiring an unexpected wave of bright-pink dye jobs.

Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Elle Fanning have taken their hair Rainbow Brite during self-isolation, and apparently the average Target shopper is stockpiling pink dye, too: Celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess, who has a full product line at Target, just reported that her $12 Rose-Gold Temporary Tint has become one of the brand's best-selling items during this period of quarantine.

If you're looking for a DIY project that involves taking your dirty blonde rose gold or your brunette a shimmery pink for a few weeks, we have the best alternative temporary-tint sprays to snag now while they're still in stock.

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Dark and Lovely Temporary Hair Color

If your hair is dark brown or black, try a pigmented pink spray, like this one that's just $7 on Amazon.

Dark and Lovely Temporary Hair Color by SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely, Go Intense Color Sprays, Hair Color Spray for Instant and Ultra-vibrant Color even on Dark Hair, For Natural and Relaxed Hair, Think Pink, $, available at Amazon

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint

This rose-gold spray, which tints hair for up to three washes, is currently sold out at Target (the only U.S. distributer) — but with demand at an all-time high, we're crossing our fingers for a speedy restock.

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint, $, available at Target

Joico Instatint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray

If your temporary pink hair dye and glitter hairspray had a baby, it would be this shimmer spray by Joico.

Joico Joico Instatint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray, Violet Opal, 1.4 Ounce, $, available at Amazon

Bumble and Bumble Color Stick

With this innovative hair-dye crayon, you don't have to worry about staining your shower curtain.

Bumble and bumble Color Stick in Statement Shades, $, available at Bumble and bumble

L'Oréal Colorista 1-Day Spray

Right now, this L'Oréal spray color is buy-one- get-one 50% off at Ulta Beauty — which obviously means you should grab rose gold and hot pink.

L'Oréal L'Oréal Colorista 1-Day Spray, $, available at Ulta Beauty

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