This New Malin+Goetz Value Set Is The Smartest Way To Try Two Editor-Favorite Products

When it comes to skin care, we all have our faves: The ones we come back to time and time again, even as bright, shiny launches try to lure us astray with siren songs of slick packaging and trendy ingredients. One brand that’s been a longtime go-to for editors and well-traveled folks is MALIN+GOETZ, of cannabis candle and eucalyptus deodorant fame. But, the brand is so much more than these well-known hits, and there’s a reason it’s become a trusted source of skin care for people who prefer natural, uncomplicated products that complement their daily routines.

MALIN+GOETZ’s new advanced skincare set is one that we’ve fallen hard for, and here’s why: The kit includes two full-size bestsellers, including our Shopping Director’s forever-fave eye cream and an anti-aging face moisturizer that is lightweight enough to wear under makeup. Plus, as an extra-special treat, the set also comes with a deluxe sample size of the grapefruit face cleanser, another editor-preferred gel formula.

For the uninitiated, here’s a refresher course on MALIN+GOETZ’s advanced collection take on serious, high-performance skin care: The potent formulas help hydrate and address things like fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, peptides, meadowfoam seed oil, and apple stem cells. Unsurprisingly, the range is one that rings especially close to home for the founders, themselves. “When we started the brand, I was 35 years old and the poster boy for our uncomplicated, 2-step regimen,” co-founder Matthew Malin tells Refinery29. “At 52, I still love grapefruit cleanser and vitamin e moisturizer, but like many of our customers that have grown up with us, I now see some lines and feel some dryness around the eyes.” Enter, an innovative coterie of souped-up skin care. “Before bed, I really benefit from our beautiful revitalizing eye cream. Our advanced skincare options allow for adjustments [in our routine] when needed, and we are quite proud of the results.”

Best of all, there’s something for everyone, and every type of skin: From a lightweight moisturizer to a richer, decadent cream to a nourishing oil, you can choose your own skin-care adventure when it comes to the editor-approved brand.

But back to the brand new kit: While the eye cream ($72) and the moisturizer ($76) aren’t exactly impulse purchases, the set ($111) knocks $37 off of the à la carte price, making it a good value if you’re planning on restocking your top shelf anyway. And with self-care being top of mind, we’re all for crafting (not to mention, savoring) a thoughtful skin-care routine that we can look forward to every day as we spend more time at home.

So whether it’s a gift for yourself, your friend who is almost too active on r/SkincareAddiction, or your mom (hey, it’s never too early to shop for Mother’s Day!), this new duo checks all the boxes for indulging in some daily skin-care indulgence.

Below, check out the rest of the star-studded advanced lineup, including the kit’s two hero products, as well as an excellent cream for dry skin and a luxe face oil to seal everything in.
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This New Malin+Goetz Value Set Is The Smartest Way To Try Two Editor-Favorite Products This New Malin+Goetz Value Set Is The Smartest Way To Try Two Editor-Favorite Products Reviewed by streakoggi on April 03, 2020 Rating: 5
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