How They Plan To Celebrate Mother’s Day In Quarantine

This year is proving to be one for the history books, in terms of keeping most of the world away from each other. It has, however, forced some families into a togetherness unlike they've ever seen before. Not only are many families isolated together, but they're forced to navigate working, living, and creating some sense of normalcy under the same roof. One bit of brightness during this chaotic time is the ability to celebrate Mother's Day together in the same place. For some, including myself, this will be the first Mother's Day they've spent with their mothers in years.

The question that remains is: How do we celebrate our moms when we can't really go anywhere or do anything? Personally, (and Mom, if you're reading this, stop right now NO SPOILERS) I'll be setting up an at-home spa for my mom complete with a mimosa, massage, and facial. Ahead, ten women (both mothers and daughters) share how they'll be celebrating Mother's Day this year.

Name: Victoria
Age: 28
Location: Boston, MA (though I usually live in New York, NY)
How I'm Spending Mother's Day In Quarantine:
I ordered my mom a perfume sampler kit +50 ml fragrance from Le Labo — she's a perfume nut but would never spend that kind of money on herself. My husband (who is currently stuck in Stockholm, Sweden) is also ordering a delivery of her favorite flowers from a local shop. Looking on the bright side, since I've been quarantining with my parents since mid-March, I actually get to be WITH my mother on Mother's Day for the first time in years!
Name: Sloane
Age: 21
Location: Cleveland, OH
How I'm Spending Mother's Day In Quarantine: I go to school out of state, so I've been home for a while. Usually, we'd go out to dinner with our big extended family, but this year my mom, dad, three sisters, and I will have a quieter Mother's Day. We plan to order take out and go for a family walk.
Name: Sara
Age: 32
Location: U.K.
How I'm Spending Mother's Day In Quarantine: I’m from the U.K. and our Mother’s Day was the day before a full countrywide lockdown occurred. We had already started social distancing so I spent the day at home with my husband and two children. We didn’t see either of our mums (the grandparents) as we usually would, and in an awful way, it was quite nice. We had a day to ourselves with no expectations and no rushing around. We missed our mums terribly and it didn’t feel like a day to celebrate (even though I’m a mum myself) but it was a treat to have a quiet day at home!
Name: Melissa
Age: 36
Location: New York, NY
How I'm Spending Mother's Day In Quarantine: I'm quarantining with my parents, my husband, and my two-year-old. We'll make brunch together and hopefully, I’ll get a longer Peloton ride in. I ordered a few presents for myself that have already arrived (new skincare and shampoo/conditioner from the Nieman Marcus Mother’s Day sale event two weeks ago). We'd usually go out for brunch, but other than that this year isn't that different.
Name: Kayla
Age: 23
Location: Harrisburg, PA
How I'm Spending Mother's Day In Quarantine: I was supposed to move out of my parents' house right before this started and I'm glad I stayed put so I can celebrate with family. I've ordered a shipment of assorted cheeses from a local dairy that my mother really enjoys. In addition to that gift, I'll be making shrimp tacos. My sister has been tasked with making playlists for dinner and getting games ready. We'll be playing at least three rounds of board games since my mother loves them so much. Usually, we'd celebrate with our extended family on top of our smaller gathering, but this year it's just us.
Name: Sala
Age: 45
Location: Albany, NY
How I'm Spending Mother's Day In Quarantine: I have seven kids and am currently quarantining with my daughters and grandchildren. I'm the matriarch on this side, so it's nice to have everyone here. We plan to have breakfast and get some good pictures of the three generations that are home together. We'll end the day with our typical seafood fiesta, which would normally include our extended family.
Name: Gabbie
Age: 23
Location: Connecticut (though I usually live in Washington, D.C.)
How I'm Spending Mother's Dy In Quarantine: My mom works as a residential caretaker for adults with disabilities, so she works weekends. She, unfortunately, works on Mother's Day, so on Saturday, I'll be giving her a manicure with a new Olive & June kit. For the day, I pre-ordered my mom's favorite donuts from a famous local shop that sells out way before she ever wakes up, so I will pick them up for breakfast. It is so sad to not be able to go out to eat for the celebration because as a family our favorite thing on the planet is going out to eat for breakfast.
Name: Megan
Age: 23
Location: Georgia (though I usually live in Washington, D.C.)
How I'm Spending Mother's Day In Quarantine: We're celebrating on Saturday because Sunday it's back to D.C. for my husband and me. We've been isolating with family for the last month or so. We plan to grill out and hang by my parent's pool for the day. It's kind of strange that an isolating virus is what finally got us all together for Mother's Day.
Name: Angelina
Age: 34
Location: Dallas, TX
How I'm Spending Mother's Dy In Quarantine: At home with family. Fingers crossed for breakfast in bed. I've been quarantining with my husband, three kids, and MIL and normally we would all go out, but this year we're staying indoors.
Name: Iva
Age: 39
Location: Los Angeles, CA
How I'm Spending Mother's Day In Quarantine: Usually we'd go to my favorite restaurant, but this year we'll be celebrating by maybe not running the dishwasher for the 100th time in a single day? Not being a short-order cook (seriously this quarantine is all cooking all the time. And all the dishes). Kidding aside, I’m grateful to just spend the day at home with the hubby and our two kids. And paper plates.

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