Every Single Fashion Moment In “Watermelon Sugar”

If there’s one thing Harry Styles wears best, it’s… everything. The public reaction to his nail polish, pearls, and an eyelet collar — all in the matter of one outfit — is proof of that. While in quarantine, we’ve been counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the release of his latest music video “Watermelon Sugar,” because there’s nothing to boost a mood like new Harry content. The video did not disappoint; it is, essentially, a fashion thirst trap. 

In the music video, between copious amounts of kissing, watermelon slices (of course), and rolling around on the beach, every trend we’ve been eyeing for summer 2020 makes a cameo. First, Harry’s oversized and tinted sunnies, an accessory that we’re predicting will replace the tiny eyewear of summer’s past any day now. Then, there’s an abundance of crocheted tops, bikinis, shorts, and vests. From there, you’ll find Harry in a cropped striped sweater, a skinny fringe scarf wrapped casually around his neck, and a pair of vintage-inspired ripped jeans. As you may have guessed, Styles’ longtime stylist Harry Lambert pulled the entire look straight from Gucci’s fall ‘20 menswear collection. 

Baroque pearls, fruit-embellished bikinis, and pedal pushers also make an appearance in the video. And then there’s the singer’s look once the sun goes down: A low-cut floral Hawaiian shirt courtesy of Bode paired with his signature strand of pearls. In other words, the fashion in “Watermelon Sugar” was good enough to taste, pun absolutely intended.

Ahead, find all of the best (and most relevant) fashion moments from Harry Styles’ just-released “Watermelon Sugar” music video.

'70s Sunnies & Crochet Tanks

Crochet at the beach isn't exactly groundbreaking. But for some reason, when paired with electric blue oversized shades and worn by Harry Styles, we can't help but get the impression that crochet is fresh and new again.

Sweater Vests & Retro Collared Shirts

Only Harry Styles could get us to wear a sweater vest on an 80-degree day at the beach, because who can complain when this GIF is on repeat?

Crop Tops & Ripped Jeans

When Harry Styles, Harry Lambert, and Alessandro Michele team up on an outfit, especially one that includes the former wearing a crop top, a skinny scarf, and utterly destroyed denim, a star is born.

Hawaiian Shirts & Pearls

We already love Harry Styles, Bode, Hawaiian shirts, and pearl necklaces. But all four together? *fans self*
Don't say we didn't prepare you.

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