Here’s What Fashion Editors Are Shopping For Right Now

Before quarantine, I frequently strolled into Zara on my lunch break, spent hours considering which second-hand Gucci loafers would impress my Instagram followers the most (both style- and discount-wise), and set alarms for ungodly hours of the night to shop sample sales going on in far-off time zones (often to no avail). Now, after weeks at home, I can honestly say that I haven’t really shopped at all, or rather, I haven’t actually bought anything. For me, half the fun of shopping is getting to show it off, so without work events to attend or Saturday afternoon lunch dates to get dressed up for, what’s the point?

After seven weeks, though, I’m starting to feel withdrawal. Shopping withdrawal, that is. 

Of course, given the current financial situation, shopping just to shop isn’t exactly in the cards. If I want to make a purchase, it has to be smart, something that I both want and need. For that, I called in reinforcements. To help me determine what exactly is worth splurging on for both my in-quarantine life and beyond, I asked my fellow fashion editors to share what they’ve had their eyes on style-wise, be it matching sweatsuits à la Zoë Kravitz or otherwise. 

From a designer handbag that after months of contemplation was found via The RealReal for a fraction of the price to a pair of athletic shorts that are both perfect for your in-home Y7 classes and bi-weekly walks to the grocery store, the results ahead are just what I needed to sort through my thoughts and get me inspired to shop again. See what eight fashion editors decided was worth spending money on right now by clicking through the slideshow ahead. And if you get far enough, perhaps you’ll discover how I chose to indulge my shopping addiction in quarantine, too.

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. 

Michelle Li, Fashion & Beauty Editor at Teen Vogue

"I'm thinking about splurging on this Jacquemus strappy tank top because post-quarantine I know I'll need an adjustment period before I start wearing anything too crazy. This seems like an easy but special transition piece. The color is beautiful but it's still easy to wear."
"I would without hesitation wear this with my sweats and later level up to jeans or a skirt. I had my eye on it during the runway show so I'm taking it as a sign that it's now available to purchase when I need it the most."

Jacquemus La Maille Valensole, $, available at Farfetch

Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor at The Zoe Report

"Quarantine brought me to the realization that I didn't own comfy cotton sweats before all of this. Not sure how I've gone this long without them, but I quickly realized how crucial they would be."
"These bright sweats from Outdoor Voices have become my go-to for work and walks around my neighborhood — they're a mood booster! Once this is all over, I'm pretty sure I'll keep them in heavy rotation, just maybe not to work."

Outdoor Voices Cotton Terry Jogger, $, available at Outdoor Voices

Lauren Eggertsen, Senior Fashion Editor at Who What Wear

"I know swimsuit shopping is not the most practical way to spend my money right now, especially considering I can't really wear them anywhere except for the confines of my own backyard, but when the temperatures rise, swimsuits are all I can think about."
"The latest addition to my collection is this lime green bikini from Ookioh. Their swimwear is affordable, sustainable, and always on-trend. While this particular color is quite bold for me, I have been surprised by how much I can style it with."

Ookioh Como Top, $, available at Ookioh

Ookioh Monaco Bottom, $, available at Ookioh

Bianca Nieves, Commerce Editor at Teen Vogue

"I've been eyeing these pants since early March and I'm so close to pulling the trigger. The clash of prints and colors remind me of all the good things of spring (aka all the things I'm missing)— the outdoors, flowers blooming, crowded streets, watermelon slushies, etc."
"And though I won't be able to wear them outside (yet), their elastic waist makes them the perfect pant to wear indoors and instantly lift up my mood contrary to the three pairs of sweatpants and knit sets I've been wearing non-stop. The price is a lot for a pair of pants, but I know I'm going to get cost per wear even if I wear them to my kitchen and bedroom for the first half of them finally being in my closet."

Julia Heuer Jack Pants, $, available at Mr. Larkin

Hannah Baxter, Senior Beauty Editor at Coveteur

"As much as I love the fashions, I've never really considered myself an 'investment bag person.' It wasn't ever something I felt my wardrobe needed, especially since there are so many cute and affordable options on the market. But over the last six months, I've slowly begun to appreciate having a bag that I know I'll keep for decades without ever growing tired of it. And as I've begun to ponder my ultimate bag wish list, I've earmarked every single second-hand and resale site just in case something pops up that I can afford (while still managing to pay my rent)."
"That led me to my new Chloé Faye, a style I've wanted ever since it debuted in S/S '15. Since buying it last week, every single friend I've texted — in all caps — has said it's basically me, in bag form, so I know it was a wise choice on my part. And given the crazy sales happening right now, I can think of no better way to ease the pain of quarantine than treating myself to something I really want. That in and of itself is the greatest luxury. I can't wait to wear her out for real with some '70s wide leg trousers and a vintage blazer once things begin to return to normal."

Chloé Faye Shoulder Bag, $, available at The RealReal

Nana Agyemang, Social Media Editor at The Cut

"I know it sounds weird, but I bought a plain white bedsheet to do indoor photoshoots on..."
"Now I use it for literally everything."

Pinzon by Amazon 300 Thread Count Ultra Soft Cotton Bed Sheet Set, $, available at Amazon

Jo Rosenthal, Freelance Writer

"Gucci loafers! I bought them used on The RealReal and I've worn them every day since."
"I'd been saving up months for these and I got a coupon for some dollars off my purchase so it seemed like the perfect time to take them off my wishlist and make them mine!"

Gucci Suede Horsebit Loafers, $, available at The RealReal

Sara Radin, Freelance Writer

"Like the entire Internet, I'm obsessed with all things by Entireworld. When I saw they released sweat shorts, I was immediately sold. They just arrived yesterday and I'm not planning on taking them off anytime soon."
"Lately I've been buying comfy things by smaller brands who have sustainability baked into their DNA. It's my way of supporting the parts of the industry I align with while also acquiring things I can live in while quarantining and beyond."

Entireworld Sweats, $, available at EntireWorld

Eliza Huber, Fashion Market Writer at R29

"Me again! If you made it this far, you're probably wondering what it is that I finally bought. I went with this Khaite dress that I rented from Rent The Runway B.Q. (before quarantine). Since it's already at home with me, I got an absolutely absurd discount on it (from $1,044 to $244). I know it's not the most practical thing I could've purchased, but the thought of having to send it back just seemed too hard to bear."
"Unfortunately, I couldn't find quite the same discount level for you guys as I managed for myself, but here's the same dress for 40% off. If you're looking for something equally as stylish, though, for a fraction of the cost, here's a similar LBD from Zara for under-$90. Shop away."

Khaite Allison Puff-Sleeve Cotton Midi Dress, $, available at Matches Fashion

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