I Love Wearing This Drugstore Sunscreen Indoors

Not long after I started working from home to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, I realized that the privilege of staying home all the time meant I was letting go of my routines. Burdened with anxiety, I stopped working out, my sleep schedule was way off, and, most shockingly of all, I had completely stopped using any skin-care products. (If you know me and my commitment to skin care, that’s a big deal.) But as the weeks passed and I found myself longing to find some normalcy the best I could, I decided to start with the easiest: my skin.

Trying a new product seemed like the best way to get me excited about my skin-care routine again. Just in time, Versed — an affordable, sustainably-minded skin-care brand sold at Target — sent me its upcoming launch: Guards Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen. Given how important it is to wear sun protection even indoors (hello, UVA), it seemed like the perfect time to test out the new SPF formula, which claims to have three-way defense: indoor and outdoor sun protection and blue-light blockers. I’d be shielded while working by the window, scrolling endlessly through TikTok for feel-good content, and going for socially distanced walks outside.

I’ve had good experiences with Versed products — like the Just Breathe Clarifying Serum and Weekend Glow Daily Brightening Solution — in the past, so I had high hopes for the sunscreen, too. My expectations were immediately met when I massaged the SPF into my skin and saw how easily it blended in. Most sunscreens, especially zinc oxide formulas, often leave my face with a white cast or take forever to blend. This lightweight cream melted right in and left a soft finish in the perfect middle ground between dewy and matte.

I’ve also been using this sunscreen as a primer under my makeup for work videos call. My foundation doesn’t only last longer, but the coverage looks smoother, and even when I’m not wearing any makeup, my skin isn’t getting oily over the course of the day. While I wish the (79% recyclable plastic!) tube came with more product, a penny-size amount is all I need for each application — though I wouldn’t say it goes a long way, so I’ll be grabbing two when I stock up.

This sunscreen, which is available today on Versed‘s website and launches at Target in July, was the much-needed push I needed to get back into my skin-care routine. Who would’ve thought that sunscreen, which I once avoided, would be my skin care pick-me-up during quarantine? Now to find a way to trick myself into exercising and getting more sleep…
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I Love Wearing This Drugstore Sunscreen Indoors I Love Wearing This Drugstore Sunscreen Indoors Reviewed by streakoggi on May 06, 2020 Rating: 5

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