Super-Fresh Sites That Deliver Fruits & Veggies To Your Doorstep

Receiving a box of fruit probably brings to mind the holidays — and that one uncle who thought everyone wanted pears for Christmas (Thanks, Uncle Chris.) But, in the age of social distancing, the concept of produce delivered directly to our doorsteps is distinctly more enticing.

Affording a creatin type of creative-cooking flexibility that meal subscription boxes may not, produce-delivery services make getting a bounty of fresh fruit and veggies inside our kitchens (without needing to leave it) possible - and a lot more convenient than jocking for that coveted InstaCart or Whole-Foods delivery slot. So, we hunted down the best sites for ordering a box of your very own verdant bounty: including everything from regional favorites you'll be unlikely to find at your corner grocery shop to gift-basket styles that make for major care-package material.

Ahead, eight of the freshest produce subscriptions around broken down by price-points to what's inside and who they're best suited for.

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. 

Frog Hollow Farm

Cost: Starting at $35.

What you get: Organic fruit boxes and mixed fruits grown in California. You can also add on pantry items like chocolate, baked goods, and olive oil.

How It Works: You can sign up for weekly, monthly, and seasonal produce clubs as well as buy boxes ala carte, like their Hass avocados.

Great for: Anyone who can't make it to a farmer's market this season or just really misses avocado toast.

Raw Generation

Cost: $79.99 a box.

What you get: 25 pounds of fruit, vegetables, or a mix.

How It Works: You can make a one-time purchase or set up a subscription service based on the cadence you want — choose how much time you want between deliveries, anywhere from 1-12 weeks. Delivery is free to many East Coast and some Midwestern states.

Great for: Vegetarians or anyone on a plant-based diet, smoothie fans.

The Peach Truck

Cost: Starting at $42.

What you get: A box of Georgia peaches perfect for cobblers, pies, or just eating fresh.

How It Works: The Peach Truck has been bringing fresh Georgia peaches to Nashvillians (and other non-Georgians around the U.S.) from their truck since 2012. You can order their peaches directly to your door as well via Goldbelly.

Great for: Anyone who gets a little sad when they look at grocery store peaches.

The Fruit Company

Cost: Starting at $49 for one-time orders, $99 for a three-month subscription.

What you get: A one-time gift box of seasonal fruit or monthly fruit clubs.

How It Works: While The Fruit Company definitely has a corporate-gifts vibe, its fruit baskets and subscriptions are great ways to get high-quality, seasonal fruit.

Great for: An occasional treat and to get a taste of seasonal fruit at peak freshness.

Chelan Fresh Farms

Cost: $59 a box.

What you get: A dozen premium apples or two dozen mini apples. Chelan Fresh Farms is currently selling SugarBee, Rockit, and Koru apples.

How It Works: Chelan Fresh Farms is located in Central Washington, one of the best areas for apple-growing in the country. They ship nationally via Goldbelly.

Great for: People bored with the same old Honeycrisp at the store.

Fruit Farmacy

Cost: Starting at $13.

What you get: Fresh tropical fruit shipped straight from Florida.

How It Works: This Etsy store goes way beyond the tropical fruits you typically find in your average grocery store to include things like exotic melons, black sapote, and persimmons.

Great for: Anyone who had to cancel a beach vacation.

Hickory Farms

Cost: Starting at $49.

What you get: A basket of fruits and snacks perfect for gifts or picnics.

How It Works: Pick a basket of dry goods and fruits and have it delivered straight to you (or your loved one's) door.

Great for: Grads, dads, or anyone celebrating a milestone in quarantine.

Misfits Market

Cost: Starting at $22.

What you get: A subscription box of organic produce that's too "funny-looking" to be sold in the store.

How It Works: Fruit can be too big, too small, or just too weird to be sold normally but otherwise taste normal. Up to 40% savings, delivered either biweekly or weekly.

Great for: The eco- or budget-conscious organic eater.

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